Losing Touch

Courtesy of reinventingmyselfinto.com

A lonely soul searches deep
Far and wide for a connection
Whether brief or worth the keep
Matters little as does perfection

Bumpy roads one does find
Value similar to a handshake
Swift a loss as second in time
Discovering many a path to take

Beauty from the inside out
At last a friend one can call
The only thing spoken about
Inseparable as peas in a pod

The feeling created from within
Words can only fail to describe
One finishes what other begins
A relationship firmly defined

Alas water now falls from eyes
With circumstance tearing asunder
Looking forward to what’s left behind
Experiences so great a wonder

Acquiantance with immense a pain
Comes not from life’s huge blow
But a visit back to memory lane
From neither party ever known

Ever since that fateful moment
A reconnection does not exist
As if never sought, never chosen
Was never born and never lived


Focus on the Word, not on the world

Courtesy of melissarae870.blogspot.com

Your Word is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path
It helps to me to breathe
When I nearly exhale my last

From the stiffness of life’s pressures
You sustain me with Your love
In Your right hand are pleasures
Forevermore than enough

The world is filled with pride
As well as self-servitude
But the Way, Truth and Life
Turns the old into new

My prayer is my thoughts
My words and my deeds
Leave the state of Your heart
At ease and well pleased

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Promise and Blessing

Courtesy of ecbiz103.inmotionhosting.com

As Your children we are blessed
Honoured and privileged to enter Your rest
Because you have made us
More than conquerors
No weapon formed against us
Shall prosper

A a flood no more
To Abraham You promised
Keep in divine health
The poor among us
We perceives ourselves
Before You as meek
To wholeheartedly worship
You at Your feet

Use us completely to heal the hurting
As we grow each day in learning
To after righteousness
Hunger and thirst
And in all we do
To seek You first


Writing For The Love Of It

What do you write about?
Where do you start?
Will an empty canvas
Become a work of art?

Will something small
Be part of something big?
Will you give your all
Putting everything in?

Will the desire show
In the work itself
Or poured into the cup
Of someone else?

Who will work at it
Until they are drained
But keep the focus
Well sustained

Mind and body
So harshly trained
They overcome
The stress and strain
Only then will you in pain
Behold your efforts done in vain

Will you bury
your face in shame
Or do all it takes
To stay in the game?

The beauty of running





It’s not what you’re running from
But what you’re running to that counts
Not when you run, with whom you run
Or where you run that matters
The most important thing is
Why you run.

It’s so much more than getting fit
More than pace
More than style
More than speed
More than the activity


It’s about freedom
Freedom from stress
Freedom from pressure
Freedom from worry
Freedom from anxiety

It’s about pleasure
It’s about joy
It’s about feeling
Something you have never felt

Satisfaction, inner and outer
More love for yourself

Appreciation for all
That is around you
Heading towards the place
Where improvement exists
Inspiration is received
Achievement welcomes you
And blessing embraces you!



What is a habit?

A habit is really a state of the mind
Not about the nature, form or kind
Think about the person you want to be
Develop the habit that you will need

It’s not really about what you are doing
But achieving the outcome you are pursuing
Decide in your mind what that is
Resolve with your heart to accomplish it

Habits are about who you are
Your target is really not that far
They say it takes only 21 days
To remain the new person always!