The Cry of a Man

You said You knew me before I was born
Fearfully and wonderfully I am now formed
There is one thing running on my mind
It makes me feel distant every time

What does it mean to bear Your image?
It’s a hard thing to do in the world we live in
From the day I was formed You made me a man
Yet it appears like it’s not what I am

The reason may be the demand to be one
With numerous ways on how that’s done
That then leaves me so confused
Because the word “man” is so abused

It’s not treasured, it holds no value
No expression love or even gratitude
This world is not what I meant to be
No wonder I don’t feel like I am free

You know the plans You have for me
Reveal those plans they are what I need
Whom the Son sets free is free indeed
If that is true, help me believe!

I long to know who I am
I want to be confident in being a man
Grow in that knowledge and understand
What that entails as best I can


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