Focus on the Word, not on the world

Courtesy of

Your Word is a lamp unto my feet
And a light unto my path
It helps to me to breathe
When I nearly exhale my last

From the stiffness of life’s pressures
You sustain me with Your love
In Your right hand are pleasures
Forevermore than enough

The world is filled with pride
As well as self-servitude
But the Way, Truth and Life
Turns the old into new

My prayer is my thoughts
My words and my deeds
Leave the state of Your heart
At ease and well pleased

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  1. A good number of years ago I entitled both a written message and Radio program: “Get the ‘L’ out!” To say the least it immediately caught the attention of both readers and listeners. Those that did not click me off, were treated with the rest of the message that included this thought;

    “For much too long we have preached a Word that was more WorLd than Word. It is time to get the ‘L’ out of our Word and to return to the Word of God!”

    Your Title immediately reminded me of this message. Good Blog my Friend!


    • That’s really cool. I’m glad you made a huge impact in so many people’s lives. With the privilege of reading your blog (which is great, by the way) regularly, you get to make a difference in many other lives as well. Probably much more, actually! I hope your message is still spreading to this day.


    • Wow that is amazing. I imagine you made a huge impact on the lives of all the people that read an d listened. Since you have your blog up and running, I would like to think you’re making an even bigger impact. You must be so thrilled!


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