12 ways to live a single life

1) Enjoy it Whether you’ve recently become single or have always been that way, love it. Devote your time to improving yourself, assessing your values, knowing who you are, thereby, allowing yourself to know what you want. Direction and focus are words you are to acquaint yourself with.

2) Seldom hang out with your coupled friends only because being a third wheel may not be so much fun for you, unless you know how to make it smooth and easy for all of you. As long as it’s natural, not awkward and they love your company, then you’re alright. It’s often better to hang out with your single friends in any case.

3) Learn from other people’s mistakes because that will help you make wise decisions when you do eventually get into a relationship.

4) Invest in a few marriage and dating books and learn some things. Make your own observations and compare them with the author’s. See what you discover.

5) Meditate (keep your thoughts fixed) on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Otherwise you won’t be able to set a good foundation.

6) Establish principles to live by long before you even think about considering getting into a relationship. If you get this right you’ve set yourself up for success.

7) First love yourself because you can’t give what you don’t have. If you’re going to learn how love someone the right way, it will have to start with you.

8) Be the person you’re looking for when you think about it is almost a surefire way of knowing what you want in someone else.

9) Meet new people so that you’re well connected, that’s important for your future.

10) Be openly honest with yourself because you will need to trust yourself enough to be with someone else! It’s your life we’re talking about here.

11) Workout often because keeping strong and fit have emotional benefits too.

12) Tremendously reduce the hours a week spent watching movies and T.V shows. I would actually recommend not watching anything on T.V at all if possible. On that note I would also include catching up on celebrity gossip through magazines and the internet. This world has a warped view of love, so entertaining yourself with that view can affect your outlook on love as a whole.


    • It’s actually quite interesting because I am in the industry! Of course the message I send through the movies I make are different. It does take time and as long as each day is taken with one step forward, it will be easy to do stuff without relying on TV for entertainment!


      • oh wow, you are on the TV business!! sounds great! TV, like a lot things in life are great if used wisely and with moderation, it is up to me to choose the right entertainment.
        You are right one day at a time is the right course of action to follow! Perhaps I will start with having the TV off 1 night a week.


  1. This post is great! I don’t need to be jealous with my friends who have boyfriends after all. I am happy being single. And I love it for giving myself more time to become wiser.


  2. Loooooooooooooove it!!!!! especially 6-8 but particularly number 8..it’s so important to work on yourself first before going out for a relationship


  3. Living everyday from a biblical perspective! Love it!
    Tell the Lord thank you for keeping your focus. He is gonna take you places and use you as an example to many.

    God bless and keep up the good work.



  4. feel the presence of GOD and be full of cheer , make a loner happy , his smile is the reward to bear…


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