About the Author

Directing my cameraman

I am a storyteller
My name is Tarisai. I love both watching and making movies.
Having learned the importance of producing, I have grown to be organized to the best of my abilities. The very thought of putting together locations, props, actors and so on was something I believed was beyond me. Through that experience, I have realized that I need to step out and not plant self-limiting and doubtful thoughts in the vineyard of my mind by the field of my heart. Seeing things that nobody else sees, is a principle I live by. How can one call forth those things that are not as though they were if the cannot see what appears (in the natural) to be something that is not there? (Romans 4:17)

I am excited to have been involved in lots of projects that have either increased my knowledge f the industry or made an impact for the audience they were intended. Two notable pieces of work stand out as they both won awards. The first is Freedom Road, a historical drama set in apartheid times with a Christian theme added, which went on to win an award in every cast position from director to makeup artist. The second is Born to Win, a coming of age film depicting a man’s journey to discovering God after a series of shortcomings in life that led him to question God, and later seek Him after extraordinary events take place. It went on to win the Golden Crown Award for Best Evangelistic film.

Since beginning this blog years ago, I have picked up a few skills that opened my eyes to the beauty of the creative industry. My background is in filmmaking but I am also a photographer. Capturing motion pictures is thrilling always, and freezing the moment in time with excellence through stills is equally exhilarating. The only part of visual communication I have not embarked on is graphic design. In case you were wondering, no, it will not be something I venture into any time soon. Needless to say, it has not been easy but I can confidently say it’s absolutely worth it.

I am a writer 
As ironic as it may seem, few words come to mind in describing the writing side of me. I love penning poems, they have a special effect in the reader’s mind. I prefer reading them more than writing them because most of my time is spent blogging. Encouraging both myself and others to be their best self and make the most of every day they have is something I will always heart. Getting to know other bloggers both on and off the platform is amazing, which is why pushing out articles here is what I may find myself doing often.  To be honest,  I believe the vast majority of my writing will be spent here, however, in the near future, you can expect a bigger side of it to emerge. 

I am of course referring to becoming an author. In fact, I already am one! I chose to travel into the world of authors and experience what it was like from that point of view recently. I must say that of all the writing encounters I have had, a book is by far more invigorating than I thought it would ever be. The writing, editing, designing, layout, publishing and marketing are all a massive mountain climb, but when you put it all together and see the final product, you would not have it any other way. More info on that is found here.

I am a runner
There is no way I can talk about myself without mentioning this side. The environment, the outdoors, the breeze, and sometimes the blazing heat, all culminate to a sensational adventure. I laughed at a tweet that read, “You mean people run without being chased? On purpose?” Even the short sessions are something to cherish when they are done wholeheartedly. No doubt the best days are the overcast sky and wind blowing against you as you welcome the different terrains you come across. I especially love seeing other runners out there as well, whether they move in the opposite direction, are on the other side of the road or pass me in the direction I am going. Escaping the nearly monotonous portion of life and mundane but simple routines, to be out in the refreshing scenery, ushered in by lovely greenery that you otherwise would not appreciate while in a car, at least that’s my opinion.

I have since become a big fan of Instagram and interwoven Twitter and Facebook with it, so you can connect with me on any of those platforms. On Instagram, I share my author journey and add some doses of inspiration every now and then. If there is any way we can connect together and share the growth process of our expedition, send a message and let teamwork make the dream work.



  1. Hello there – thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I will have a look at your work and if I think that there is anything that I can say that may be of any value I will – Take care – Diane


  2. Amen to that! It is the very reason that I started my blog as well. I told my husband and mother, God must have given such a wide range of experiences (both good and bad) to help others along the way. If I can lead just one soul back to Him, then all of my effort has been worthwhile.

    Now that I am creeping up on 60,000 hits, I hope and pray that I have led more than just one 🙂 but one is still good enough. Peace, love and blessings, Terri


    • Thank you for your kind words Terri. I can guarantee, with 60, 000 hits, definitely led way more than one person to Christ! For that I say praise Him (Psalm 100:4).


  3. It’s very nice to meet you T-Sizzles. I believe God is using you to inspire others and provoke change. Your blogs are very interesting and captivating. Keep it up. Stay blessed!


  4. Hello T-Sizzles! I have noticed you on my blog and wanted to greet you properly. Thank you for your gracious blog inclusion and presently you will be placed on mine also. You have such a delightful outlook, fresh and pleasant. May God bless your endeavors for His glory and keep you safe and healthy. Shalom, young man 🙂


  5. I have had a break from writing, but have just found the “blog of the year” award that you have graciously bestowed upon me. For some reason it went to spam. Thank you for reading my blog…so glad you liked it. A little “motivation and moral support is just what the doctor ordered. Lovely of you to stop by. Jen


  6. Hi!
    This is really inspiring and so good to read – I’ll be back I’m sure!!
    God bless,
    wawawr xx


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