About the author and blog

Directing my cameraman
Directing my cameraman

Who am I?
My name is Tarisai.  I’m an aspiring award-winning director. My nickname is T-Sizzles and I love writing of all sorts. Screenwriting, poetry, journals you name it. I mostly love inspiring people and giving them the boost they need to make it through!
Having learned the importance of producing, I have grown to be organized to the best of my abilities. The very thought of putting together locations, props, actors and so on was something I believed was beyond me. Through that experience I have realized that I need to step out and not plant self-limiting and doubtful thoughts in the vineyard of my mind by the field of my heart. Seeing things that nobody else sees, is a principle I live by. How can one call forth those things that are not as though they were if the cannot see what appears (in the natural) to be something that is not there? (Romans 4:17)

Why does this blog exist?
I created this blog for one purpose and one purpose only: to impact lives the best way I can. It’s always nice being a source of encouragement. I have seen other people mention things from their personal lives, experiences, things they’ve learned-both on their own and from others-and through all that, they’ve managed to influence lives for the better, in one way or another. For me, my goal is to put all of that together! In the process have fun, enjoy everything I do and also learn as much as I can along the way!

Framing a shot
Framing a shot

Is that all this blog has to do with?
For the most part, yes! I would love to interact and discuss with others, learning from them the necessary things useful for passing on to more people and kind of create a chain-reaction! Much like being inspired by the way others inspire others, do the same and just keep the ball rolling. I look forward to receiving comments, emails and feedback.  I truly believe life is to be enjoyed, and I’ve seen so many people both indirectly and directly do the opposite. My desire, therefore, is to bring motivation, a message, some moral support, just to say, “keep going. You’ve come this far. You can’t back out now. Think about how much progress you’ve made. You can do it! Go all the way!”

39 thoughts on “About the author and blog

  1. Hello there – thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I will have a look at your work and if I think that there is anything that I can say that may be of any value I will – Take care – Diane

  2. Amen to that! It is the very reason that I started my blog as well. I told my husband and mother, God must have given such a wide range of experiences (both good and bad) to help others along the way. If I can lead just one soul back to Him, then all of my effort has been worthwhile.

    Now that I am creeping up on 60,000 hits, I hope and pray that I have led more than just one 🙂 but one is still good enough. Peace, love and blessings, Terri

    1. Thank you for your kind words Terri. I can guarantee, with 60, 000 hits, definitely led way more than one person to Christ! For that I say praise Him (Psalm 100:4).

  3. It’s very nice to meet you T-Sizzles. I believe God is using you to inspire others and provoke change. Your blogs are very interesting and captivating. Keep it up. Stay blessed!

  4. Hello T-Sizzles! I have noticed you on my blog and wanted to greet you properly. Thank you for your gracious blog inclusion and presently you will be placed on mine also. You have such a delightful outlook, fresh and pleasant. May God bless your endeavors for His glory and keep you safe and healthy. Shalom, young man 🙂

  5. I have had a break from writing, but have just found the “blog of the year” award that you have graciously bestowed upon me. For some reason it went to spam. Thank you for reading my blog…so glad you liked it. A little “motivation and moral support is just what the doctor ordered. Lovely of you to stop by. Jen

  6. Hi!
    This is really inspiring and so good to read – I’ll be back I’m sure!!
    God bless,
    wawawr xx

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