Hindsight, Foresight, Insight

Hindsight- understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed. Imagine living our lives like this. I’ve very often put myself in situations where I only discover the mistake I’ve made after I’ve made it! Though, through that, I’ve learned that you can at least learn from your mistakes.It’s better to put ourselves in a position where we seldom make mistakes. For those who often find themselves continually coming across mistakes they’ve made after it’s made, I always like to say, “What good is making a mistake if you don’t learn from it”. At least when you consider…

Foresight–  the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future, you begin to see a difference. Here I understand that prudence plays a big role in the matter. Where with hindsight you realized the mistake after it was made, with foresight you perceive the advantages and disadvantages of a decision before you make it so as to avoid a mistake altogether. Living life this way is very often the most difficult and that is because, sadly, thinking before both speaking and acting is very seldom done. Why is that the case? It’s because thinking is a very difficult thing to do that’s why so few people do it. Now as far as…

Insight– the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing, is concerned, it is probably the most important of the three. Why would I say that? This is because insight encompasses all the others. Think about it. When you gain a new understanding of anything and therefore apply it in the right situation, you’ve exercised wisdom. You basically make an informed decision. Practicing insight involves asking one question, “Is it a good idea to do this or not?” that way you see with foresight the dangers and rewards of your decision, you know with hindsight more about the problems you didn’t anticipate, and understand with insight-not only how to avoid them in the future-but also the consequences-both good and bad-of the decision.

I hope we (me included) have gained some insight on how to better conduct our lives.


  1. Though it is a compelling read, I do have a few objections. According to me:

    1) Insight deals with the present. It deals with reality. It looks at the future as the extrapolation of what is happening currently. More focus is laid on where we are currently, than on what does the future bring to us

    2) Foresight looks at the ability to prepare for the future. It looks at the future as unchartered territory, a clean slate if you will. Foresight will give you a clear idea of the road ahead what is coming up. There are less chances of being caught unaware.

    Would love to know your feedback and thoughts on this!


      • Hindsight is very easily achieved. Almost anyone can do it. Insight is tougher. You need to be rooted in reality. Ability to predict future is toughest of them all, according to me


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