A world obsessed with fleeting pleasures
Obtaining possessions beyond measure
Identities formed through each one
And yet without one, both are none
Even beauty, as it is, has been limited
To futile things that are irrelevant
The body is admired above all other
And the Source of it all is not even uttered
Let alone just barely being known
‘Cos a passion for things grows and grows
When one fulfills their one desire
Like the passing of time it soon expires

Greed is overcome by self-control
When one perceives himself as whole
That more than anything from deep within
The state of mind means everything
If change at all was to impact
The world to save all she has
The children and youth of today
Will live in a much better way
Because their world makes a difference
The older generation creates the vision
So that picture becomes much clearer
To realize it starts by seeing in the mirror


  1. its a very heavy piece, given the nature of the current state of the world it forces one to examine themselves especially because there’s always been a struggle in prosperity in all areas as a believer and staying focused on God, after prayers are answered, I like it though because even for a non believer the question does arise of where is all this fuss about material goods an arousing envy in people leading to, uncomfortable bt grt stuff,


    • Yes, thank you Zandi, you make a good point. It’s good to both challenge people and also let them be aware how things are in the world they live in, and also what they can do about it.


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