Not just another personal finance book

For as long as I can remember, from most finance books I have read and the entrepreneurs I follow online, I regularly sought every opportunity to grow a business around what I loved. A job has always been a means to an end, unless passionate about it or very successful in it. In reality, no one can and should complain about their financial situation, as far as jobs or the government giving them a raise or increase of some kind is concerned, because the main challenge is trading time for money. Receiving what you are worth or an equivalent to the depth you add with your skills and resources is not possible in most cases.

This book focuses on enjoying your life first by generating income doing what you love or help you discover what you love, and secondly living a life with meaning. No amount of money in the world is going to satisfy the longing for social completeness, and love satisfied. Empires and worldwide investments have little to no meaning with nobody to share them. The most fulfilling experience comes down to making a difference in people’s lives while generating substantial income in the process.

Your Gift Should Pay You was written to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs, bring hope to those stuck in 9-5’s and stretch those currently pushing side hustles into thinking beyond the money to the bigger picture. When value becomes the motivation for providing a service and/or product, everything about the business turns into a gem worth investing in and transformation worth financing.