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Losing Touch

Courtesy of reinventingmyselfinto.com

A lonely soul searches deep
Far and wide for a connection
Whether brief or worth the keep
Matters little as does perfection

Bumpy roads one does find
Value similar to a handshake
Swift a loss as second in time
Discovering many a path to take

Beauty from the inside out
At last a friend one can call
The only thing spoken about
Inseparable as peas in a pod

The feeling created from within
Words can only fail to describe
One finishes what other begins
A relationship firmly defined

Alas water now falls from eyes
With circumstance tearing asunder
Looking forward to what’s left behind
Experiences so great a wonder

Acquiantance with immense a pain
Comes not from life’s huge blow
But a visit back to memory lane
From neither party ever known

Ever since that fateful moment
A reconnection does not exist
As if never sought, never chosen
Was never born and never lived


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