My Writing Process

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well
-Psalm 139:14

No matter what your differences are, you have to embrace them and be proud of the way you are.” – Jazz Jennings

Sometimes I find myself drifting away at the subtleties of life while trying to figure out what to pen down. It can be daunting when you know that one cannot be accomplished until the other is set in motion.

At this juncture it may seem like some thoughts are flowing and an idea is materializing, but in reality, this just a way to get into the writing mood. I can only imagine how many people do something as ridiculous as this only to find themselves flowing into the zone.

From nowhere, they put together something that resonates with someone and changes their life in one way or another. I am still stuck as to what I am to write about, despite already conveying a particular message. Whether this appears to be an expounded writing tip or something that someone needed to hear (or read if you will), I hope that it did its job because from where I am sitting, scratching my head seems to the best I can come up with as far a subject matter is concerned.

Earlier on when I alluded to the zone that a person can get into with their writing, I was referring to the smooth, easy combination of thought and structure falling onto the screen or landing on the paper as though some plan had been organized well beforehand. Oh how lovely writing would be if it were that easy!

To both myself and others struggling to come up with content, even after hundreds of blog posts, loads of articles and even sufficient social media presence to be acknowledged as great in your field, if write’s block stands in your way in your journey to becoming far better than you imagined, I say forget the box, do what you have never done, approach the writing style you least like from a different perspective (both in perception and execution), challenge yourself in ways that are ordinarily uncomfortable, and tally your results.

You would be amazed at the level of material that suddenly pours out of you as if wishing to to burst out because you prevented it from happening all along. One of my favorite experiences as a writer is putting together an article so wonderful I ask myself how it was possible that I achieved that in the fist place. Not in an arrogant way as if to possess abilities unrecognizable and innumerable until discovered, but to remain in awe of the potential that lies within , taking it more seriously with every word written in subsequent pieces.

This is the first time I have ever admitted the limits of my writing prowess (to be honest, what great writer and world-renowned author hasn’t), I do so with humility and teachability, looking forward to what you writers and readers bring regarding all the suggestions, hints, tips, tricks and things you have in mind for me to keep going at it no matter how hard it gets.

To that end I ask, how do you get inspiration? Why do write what you write? What time suits you? How did you come to be where you are from where you used to be?

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