991/2 Just Won’t Do

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I love the way God just does what he does. He truly is an amazing God. I love the Lord. As I think back at this year, which has been an ongoing and continual activity, I recognize, realize and begin to perceive the growth that has taken place in my life. I must say that I do have regrets with some of the things I could have accomplished had I put my all into it.

Giving it your all
I read recently that saying something needs to be done and being the person that’s doing something indicates the difference in mindset which, in essence, dictates the difference with perception of every situation, as well as, the difference in attitude and total performance! The outcome at the end of the day shows and proves the success rate of each individual as illustrated with the exemplary statement above. This made me think about a few things.

What would life be like if we dived into any and every situation with a “things will get better” or “it could have been worse” attitude? The reality, sadly, as I have observed, not only in movies but also in real life, that depending on background, social status and working class, people will not always have that kind of mindset. That means putting everything in whatever they do may not always be easy, especially since they would have a preconceived idea of being mediocre. Talk about setting yourself up for failure before you even start! My greatest desire is not only to become an award-winning director but also for people to slowly but surely begin thinking like champions. Like victors as apart of their natural everyday life.

Step it up or be stepped on

I often love to encourage people to step their game up. Take things to the next level. Keep going. Just do what you did much better. Do it differently. If you fail, find out how and take another approach. When a driver goes slowly it’s easy for them to feel condemned or intimidated by any small thing that gets in the way because their focus, attention and their eyes are on what is just before them. When the driver speeds up the road before them will be blurry which means they can only focus on an object that is as far as the eye can see. They can only focus on what is far ahead of them because that is all that matters, and when you think about it, it’s really all they can see too. Our level of concentration on our dream, our goal, even our current task, no matter how big or small should be 100% in.

I remember in film school we were asked to do work duties and I was on weekend duty with two other students. We prepared a simple sandwich for lunch and one of my team members would ask me to pass a cucumber, because I was in charge of slicing up enough for everyone. She would not wait for 2 seconds before telling me to hurry up. I put all my effort into making sure that each slice was the appropriate size for each sandwich, and I was on a roll too, but she was so zoned into what she was doing. On one hand that definitely got the job done in good time despite being on time anyway! In the end the frustration and stress was for nothing. I too made sure no one distracted me until I was done. While I hated the way she treated me I was glad that no one was being careless but took their work seriously and came out with great results.

What if I can multitask?
There are obvious problems with that. For one it increases chances of procrastinating on one of the tasks and it is possible to not only leave a task incomplete but also forget that another one needs to be done! Of course if you do this all the time and you are used to it or you do it to keep yourself busy, that is alright except no matter how good you are it does not change the fact that you will be only putting part of your effort into each task. Tom Basson, a very inspirational blogger put forth some great arguments for doing one thing at a time in his post The Cult of Multi-Tasking. Earlier I mentioned the possibility of procrastinating. I wrote a post on how to handle that if you do procrastinate called 14 ways to overcome procrastination: staying focused. Be honest with yourself. I am still in the middle of following some of the steps but I’m getting better.

In the end 991/2% or less will not do. 100% results come from 100% efforts.
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