Write Up Your Alley

At first glance this title may appear like this post concentrates on suggestions about how to write better or getting started with writing. The truth is, it revolves around my journey as an author and some of the nuggets I have picked up along the way. Should you feel, however, as though some aspects could appeal to be writing tips, or perceive the subject matter as implying a focus on the author’s expertise (from a general perspective), be my guest.

A Cold Winter’s Night
No matter how much of a cliche people assume this phrase to kicking off a fictional story is, I continue to remain fascinated by the kind of attention it commands from the reader. In 2011 when I chose to upgrade my pieces from poems to blogging about productivity and a positive outlook on life, I approached it flippantly to be honest. No butterflies. No stage fright, just a non-calculated risk from a bold leap of faith into a new arena.

The surprising outcome of that method was how it stirred up some confidence in me to keep the articles flowing. I am blown away at how much content is contained in one paragraph! You know you are a writer when you see how beautiful a painting is just by looking at the first stroke. From a small experiment to having a hard time putting the pen down, (I know, every writer’s dream), I began asking myself why I had not explored this avenue much sooner.

Seeking a Fan In The Desert
As wonderful as my skills in churning out articles were, I found myself standing at the very spot I never expected to be: The Plateau. No athlete must be comfortable with breezing through sections of their training that used to feel like climbing Mt Everest and for some odd reason, this where I ended up, with no idea how! For the first time I became scared. Fear of being dull, bland and boring, combined with missing out on the ease of effortless production of content, made my heart pound all the more. Pre-game jitters sprung out of nowhere. I became paralyzed with shock. To add insult to injury I raised the bar by setting my sights on writing a book. What was I thinking?

Crazy as I was turning into, blueprints of constructing an improved version of myself were underway. Stubborn but gracefully , I proceeded to the one hand, moulding and shaping every part of myself to presenting the world with something breathtaking to behold, while on the other hand, nose-diving into the ocean of thoughts meticulously put together in one volume. I found the oasis of promise, revitalized by a sense of vision, and escaped the desert of false hope. True grasp of what this escapade was like can only be understood by those who board the same ship and set sail to uncharted lands.

Nowhere To Go But Up
I gave no thought to what the title, subheading and other ingredients of good book entailed until after it was written. My writing’s center of attention were the core elements of my interest. It was from this desire my book was born. I wanted people to learn to appreciate themselves for who they are. Use their gifts and talents to show the world they have something to offer. This was not for mere entertainment and inspiration but for encouragement to open the world’s eyes to the value of such skills. People are marketable. As long as I was able to convince the reader they can take what they have in their in hand, be it trained or chanced upon, and use it to bring in revenue and provide value, I succeeded. Thus my journey to becoming an author commenced.

My desire is to engage the blacksmith of seasoned of pros, learn from the furnace of my potential audience and emerge a polished author worthy of the words bestselling. I implore you to guide me in the process and welcome your wisdom in unlocking the chapters that enable the transformation my market seeks.

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