10 Ways To Make Everyday A Good Day

1) Schedule at least 30mins for prayer, Bible reading or worship. That is important because strengthening your spiritual muscles actually makes an impact on howyou handle day turns out!

2) Be an encouragement to anyoneYour immediate and extended family. Your friends. Your boss. Your coworkers. Visitors. A stranger. Children. Try make someone’s day. A genuine compliment, a helping hand, whatever you can, any way you can.

3) Do some form of exercise. Whether that’s walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, power-walking, pull ups, sit-ups, push ups or anything at the gym. It can be 15mins-45mins. Be sure to do one of these at some point in the day.

4) Write down your small achievementsEven if you’re a people person and big time extrovert and believe that writing is more for task-oriented people. How do you get the groceries when power-shopping? Write the small but very significant things. Those will be the things that make you feel good like getting dishes done, making meetings on time, having your room cleaned etc. Write them on a notepad or your cell phone or tablet. as long as it’s something you can carry with you.

5) Plan at least one thing to do in case you get bored. Let it be something that will actually trigger something in you. A deep poem. A good joke with friends. Someone’s blog. Brainstorm business ideas.

6) Practice your craft for at least an hourDon’t know what you’re good at? Read the post I wrote called 10 ways on how to discover your talent part 1.

7) Decide to make the most of the day. That’s where every good day ultimately starts! A firm decision in the beginning affects the choices made in the end. Have a positive outlook on the day itself. Think the opposite of every negative thought that comes to mind.

8) Expect the unexpected. Mostly because you owe it to yourself to actually have a good day! You are responsible for how your day turns out. Be the best you can be in everything you do. Set goals and review them regularly, especially during the really tough times like losing a loved one, meetings gone bad, misunderstanding with a spouse or partner etc. It helps keep your mind focused on being as productive as you can with the time you have.

9) Hang out with someone. Or a group of people. Plan who you will spend time with each day. It can even be a 15min meeting with a special friend, best friend, close friend or anyone else if you usually have busy days. Or simply express your gratitude to those you work with and for if most of your time is spent at work.

10) Make home a fun placeAfter all that’s what it’s supposed to be! Great place to relax and cool off after work. Even better to be on your day off. If most of your days are spent at home, then get some friends to come over. Plan anything from tea party to video game competitions, book club etc. If you’re by yourself most of the time then follow steps 3-6. Put together a playlist and enjoy it.


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