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10 ways on how to discover your talents part 1

1) No excuses allowed
First, figure out what benefits you are getting by NOT finding your own talents.  What are you gaining by complaining about how hard it is do something? When has blaming your problems (money, boredom etc) ever helped you come closer to understanding what you’re skilled at?
If you know all that you’re not gaining by not seeking out your talents then it’ll be easier to let go of the old mindset and beliefs and start moving toward trying something new!

2) Self-affirmation
Think about some of the things you do naturally, especially when people say, “I wish I could that!” Now if you often reply by saying, “Nah, that was nothing” or anything similar, you might want to start focusing a bit more on it. I often feel sorry for people who display great talent at things they consider hobbies and pass it off as unimportant! For all the things that come natural to you, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Your life is about change for the better! Keep (doing the thing that’s natural) over and over, everyday.”

3) Others see it before you
You want to pay attention to what people say about your talent. Even if they spot things that you find strange, give it a try. You’ll never know, you might just love it. Be open and receptive to new ideas.

4) Discover your strengths
One of the best ways to help find your strengths is to take the online test called, “Now discover your strengths”  It should help display some of your hidden talents.

5) Go with your gut

The very thing that brings you joy is most likely, at the very least, closely related to your talent if it’s not actually your talent.

6) Do what you love
There’s nothing better than making someone’s life better through doing what you love. Never underestimate even the smallest things you like doing! Are you creative? You like working with your hands? Make something, anything! The best discoveries often come from activities that are enjoyed the most.

7) Listen carefully
Get inspired by listening to someone else talk about their journey. Whatever method they used to discover their skills might work for you too. Who knows? You might just love what they love and be just as good at it too!

 8) Step out of your comfort zone
Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something that scares you every day” You might realize something about yourself you never knew you could do!

9) Try everything
Be spontaneous! Dance, sing, rap, play an instrument, draw, paint. Build something with wood, clay, play-doe. Play all outdoor and indoor sports. Play board games, perhaps you’re skilled at chess or checkers? How about gardening? Taking care of a set of animals? Do whatever it is I’ve not mentioned here! Write all the things that you’re average at. Cross out what you’re not good at. Finally improve your average score to above average, good, great and beyond!

10) Be creative
Take a few minutes each day to think of a project you could embark on. If you’re not good at brainstorming then do it with some friends. Test them out! One of them might just be worth considering long term!

If you still need more ideas, check out part 2!


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