3 core principles for self-development

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

Two main things to do in life: make yourself better and do the same with everyone else.”

It’s simple to understand but might take time to apply.

Improve, Increase, Innovate.

Three things you must always strive to do no matter what you go through.
1) Improve: this is not the same as “grow” or “develop”. Improvement
speaks of “advancing” and “moving on” or “going somewhere”. In a video
game or competition, after the first stage is finished, you don’t grow
to the next stage, you “move on” or “advance”. That is what
improvement is all about. The evidence of improvement happening is
when you do something different, that’s the key. Doing something
different requires thinking differently. Always ask yourself, “How can I get better?” When you do that your mind opens up and you begin to think different.

Increase: this speaks of “growth”, “development” and “expanding” your
comfort zone. Thinking different eventually causes you to act
different, that is, do something different. When you grow you “align
yourself with or embrace new surroundings and condition yourself in
the setting you’re in” much like travelling to a new country and
getting used to things there. Your continual process of thinking
different becomes second nature. That is evidence of increase.
Thinking different, doing something different to the point where you
“become different”. Change is the goal in increase. Do something
different (improve) for a change (increase).

Innovate: this speaks of creativity. You can’t change on the outside
what you haven’t changed on the inside. Change comes from the
inside-out. When you change you begin to see differently. You would
have expanded your comfort zone and broadened your horizon to the
point where you see things in a whole new light. You see what no one
else sees. When you see what no one else sees, only then can you do
what no one else has done-innovate.

Improve: think different
Increase: act and be different
Innovate: make a difference.

9 thoughts on “3 core principles for self-development

  1. With the third point I think that people should also be able to step out of their comfort zones in order to see things differently as well as expand it. I agree with you when you say that “Change comes from the inside-out” but rarely do people seek to change what’s inside them. Sometimes they focus on what’s outside more than what’s on the inside.

    1. When people focus on whats inside, they often find a beauty within themselves that causes a lack of interest in being accepted by the outside world. What becomes of them after that is simply a course of events.

      1. Yes exactly, it’s just getting to the point where they find the beauty within that tends to take time. Though, as you said, when it’s done, things will be looking up from there.

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