Kreativ Blogger Award

I humbly give gratitude to my wonderful friend and excellent brother in Christ, Russell Mazonde for giving me the honor of receiving this award.

For this award I will say 10 things you don’t know about me, after which, I will mention 6 others worthy of receiving this award:

1) I have been a cell leader in a country not my own. It was wonderful in Denmark, leading others who came from all walks of life and from different nations. It was actually my first international cell group!

2) I have been involved in every part of church possible. I have done ushering, welcoming, hospitality, counseling, worship through choir and banners and flags, done offering and preached in Denmark, Slovakia and Faroe Islands. I have also done lights, sound and multimedia in the technical department! It still shocks me to this day.

3) I enjoy traveling and loved every bit of my eye-opening experience in the Bible school I went to in Denmark. I wish I could visit South America and Asia.

4) I know more Scriptures than I give myself credit for! Honestly the Lord just reveals to me so much all the time! Just when I think that I have run out of biblical proof, more just keep coming up. Anyone experience the same?

5) When I think or preach a sermon to myself (the secondary method the King uses to speak to me), later in the day the exact same thing is spoken about in one way or another.  This happens without fail!

6) I’m used so much by God in, with and through this blog. Something that I never take for granted. It is like an addition to my calling.

7) I have a great passion for business and investing! They are so much fun. I also have goals in that department so big I need God big time in order to fulfill them!

8) I absolutely love Italian dishes. I love playing video games a lot too, through I do first prioritize the important things first.

9) I am actually very different from my family. I am more comfortable in one-on-one settings as opposed to group settings. My accent gets stronger the more comfortable I get conversing with the right person!

10) My closest friend lives in New York. I met her when we were in Denmark.

The 6 worthy of honor
By His Grace– Blessed woman of God. Her story is moving

Living Simply In Abundance– An encouraging and inspiring woman

Jessie Jeanine– Very honest woman. A very admirable trait.

Lost Pines Church Of Christ- A really insightful man. Lovely perspective he brings on the book of James.

Surviving The Storm Blog– A passionate woman for both God and living life for Him. I love how she challenges you and uplifts you in the process.

237Blessed– Very beautiful posts for the Christian soul

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I have, if not more!




  1. Congratulations and thank you so much! This is my 3rd nomination for this award, so I will be sure to thank each of you when I create a post with my own nominations 🙂 I feel very blessed and am humbled greatly by your compliments here. Many blessings and happy holidays to you, my friend.


  2. Congrats,you so deserve it. Wanted to let you know, I nominated you for another award, so when you get the chance please do check out my blog. God Bless You:) Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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