6 things that test your strength

Your strength is measured by your limit

In other words, how far can you go? When do you reach the point where you’ll need to harness your inner strength?

1) The Endurance Test
Every time we work out we normally start at a comfortable level before advancing. I like to think of my growth in strength as a matter of extending my limit. If I could only run 200m before getting tired then my endurance level stops at 200m. If I was not comfortable with that, all I’ll have to do is extend it by pushing past the limit. How many times have we watched ourselves give up at something we know we can overcome? How many pushups can you do? If 20 is your limit why not break past that with 100 pushups workout? Whatever your limit is I’d encourage you to to do it. There is something about working out that helps make daily life better in every way. Perhaps that’s why so few people are able to start it and see it through to completion! It may not necessarily be a case of difficulty but spirit. Determine to be part of those few!

2) The Spirit/Mental Test
This is one of the greatest test we will ever go through in our lives. Everything starts in the mind. How passionate are you? How badly do you want to achieve success in your domain? Do you have a strategy for how to gain dominion in your field? Training in developing your body takes a great amount of mental strength. That’s why our mental muscles must continually be refined and polished just like the mind of a kid! I’m convinced that we can all learn a lot from children. The key thing is to believe that nothing is impossible.

3) The Discipline Test
Some people are great at routines. For others, it’s not their thing. This comes in second as the hardest test. It’s easy to obtain but hard to maintain. Literally, starting anything in life is the easiest thing anyone can do. The only part that separates the unique from the average is discipline. It goes hand-in-hand with the mental test. It’s about choosing to make time for maturation. All you have to do to achieve that is purpose to finish what you start.

4) The Test Of Influence: Words
Influence is defined as “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.” The key word? Effect. What kind of effect do you want words to have on you? Notice the way I asked that. I used the words “do you want” because you ALLOW or CHOOSE the kind of impact words have on you. If someone said, “You’re stupid” you now have a choice. You could either say, “No that’s not true. I’m a champion!” (positive impact) or “Why does everybody say that about me?” (negative impact). See the difference? Some times you won’t even have to say anything, you might just naturally think one of those two scenarios. You could call it a reaction and that obviously comes from the frequency (or the number of times)  you’ve allowed these words to affect you. You can change your world with your words.

5)The Test Of Influence: Circumstance
If there is one thing in our lives that”s inevitable, it’s disappointment. When that happens, there is one thing we have control over: discouragement. We can always en(give)courage (to) ourselves, not only during times where peace and joy lack, but generally all the time. When we give ourselves and others courage consistently, we generate the positive effect necessary to make it through anything. Creating a culture of encouragement increases the capacity to transform lives by the renewing of the mind!

6) The Test Of Life
Some think that life is a journey so you should enjoy the ride. Others believe that it’s a boat ride. They either cruise through life giving themselves little to no time to recuperate, or they just sail smoothly through it. Fortunately very few have managed to balance everything so that they remain in cruise control and thus enjoy the ride! These people make the most of every situation. They see no point in complaining unless it accomplishes something. They make time for what they love, spend time with those they love and give their time to those who need love. It’s not easy, but that’s what energizes them to triumph over anything that life brings them, so in the end they emerge victorious!


  1. I think that most of these points are valid. I agree that everything starts with the mind. If you don’t guard how and what you think about yourself, you will emulate what others say about yourself. This stems from those that exercise the art of remaining passive and complacent as oppose to being active and responsive. The mind muscle could do with a few laps around the field.


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