In The Sumertime

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All The Good Stuff
Summer is such a wonderful season. You get the beauty of the radiant light. The warmth of the sun on your skin. The smile on most people’s faces every sunrise, whether they feel like going to work or not. The thrill of lunch time in an open area or outside at a restaurant, basking in the sun as you enjoy your meal. All this of course assuming that the weather is not scaling hot! No one would dispute the glorious pleasure of the water, wherever it comes from. If you are swimming, either in a pool or at the beach (maybe you fancy sunbathing instead); enjoying the waves as you ride them with your board or at a theme/water-park speeding down the water-slides, you are having the time of your life. The real adventurous guys would go water skiing or white water rafting. Some may simply take pleasure in a brief stay at a boat-house and go canoeing and fishing. Numerous other activities I could mention, mountain climbing, hand-gliding, bungee jumping, abseiling, running (my personal favourite), cycling, horse-riding, quad bike racing and so on, but for now that is where I will stop.

The Glory Of Winter
Right now here in Zimbabwe it is Winter. Personally, though, I would not consider it so because it is not cold enough. Secondly there is no snow. My time in Denmark did open my eyes to the wonder of snow. I heart it so much. From wondering what Winter is like without snow to wondering how Winter could exist without it! The downside with Summer is when it gets too hot, you cannot cool yourself down if you do not have, or position yourself in environments, with an air-conditioner or fan. I enjoy the cold of Winter because the air is fresh. I fail to relay to you the number of times I have defended the cause of Winter. Yes the air is cold but it is also fresh. You can at least put on the three, four layers of clothes, in addition to gloves (the absurdity of people doing that here) and scarfs, to keep you nice and warm, add a fireplace, radiator or heater and you are well on your way!

All I will simply be doing this summer is improving then maintaining my running skills. My key goal is increasing my longest distance. Right now it is 21km (13.1 miles) which I do intend on extending at least by 5km (3.1 miles). When I do that I will be thrilled. I might think of moving on to a marathon but I will cross that bridge when I get there. For me, working out (the gym, home or anywhere) and the beach are the best things Summer has to offer. 


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