Cherishing The Golden Moments

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The Regret Of Living With Regret
If you are going to make sure, the best way you can, that you never lose the things or people most dear to you, it will be motivated by the realization that you did not do anything while you still had the chanceYou took every moment, if not most, lightly and those that were crucial, that is, the arguments and disagreements-which often lead to a point of reflection-you took for granted. They essentially were the ones that determined, from and through the depths of your character, the length of that or those golden relationship/s. The only thing worse than losing someone is the thought of losing them and living with that thought with every passing second you are with them. One puts a belief that the person they do not want gone is already gone, despite being with them in the present moment.

I know, a sad and depressing way to live. This is why I love to say:

Life is too short to complain about things that don’t matter. Life is too long to take for granted the little things that do.

Making The Small Things A Huge Deal
It is often important to be very intentional about each valuable experience in life, and even more so, the form it comes in. Some people fall in adoration for:

a) A newborn to 6 month old baby
b) The sunrise or sunset, both in general and over a river, a mountain or over a river with the viewer on a mountain.
c) A butterfly
d) The eyes of the significant other while seated on a bench at a park, couch at home, or under a tree anywhere.
e) The sight of a parent’s deep love for their child/children
f) The feeling after succeeding at a seemingly impossible workout
g) Any time, anywhere with the best friend.
h) A letter written instead of a message sent by sms, email or any form of social media
i) A married couple expressing gratitude towards each other for having each other
j) Family time, especially dinner or breakfast
k) The look on someone’s face when they achieve something
l) Stargazing with anyone
m) The look on a homeless person’s face when you help them

They are there in front us all the time, all we have to do is look for them. We can never assume we will have someone special to us all the time, therefore, instead of acting like we will always have them or like we will never lose them, we must rather be grateful everyday for every second in their presence. This should also be expressed to them as often as possible.

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