15 Things I Learned About Every Year

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There are times in life when you have to understand that as the second-hand takes its turn, and seconds move on the digital watches/clocks, all kinds of feelings, experiences, people and consequences from choices made will happen. These are to be anticipated when the choice or decision made is taken into consideration. I remember seeing a movie and the daughter of the main character kept asking about why we wake up, go about our day, go back to sleep, and get up only to do it all over again. I believe there are a few things she missed in understanding the value of living:

1) The mystery of a new day. No one knows what tomorrow will bring which is why it is always important to focus on the actions made today that can and will affect tomorrow, especially the people we surround ourselves most often with.

2). Letting go of the negative. There are certain things we hold onto that we know are bad for us. These come to us very often with different encounters we have with people everyday. Letting go of it is where freedom starts, then thinking the opposite of every negative thought comes next.

3) Literally living the new day. As opposed to merely existing in it. What is different about today? What can you feel, sense, experience that is both beautiful and inexplicable at the same time? Each day’s result is determined by each individual, regardless of circumstances. Have you ever seen the other side of the coin?

4) Chance encounters. There are loads of things that we humans love and enjoy that money cannot buy. There is nothing better than seeing someone for the first time and enjoying their company as though you have known each other your whole lives. How about getting a “yes” where you expected a “no”?

5) Being the real-life hero/heroine. Imagine missing out on the feeling of being something so valuable to someone because of helping them through what seemed small to you, but was significant to them because you brushed off each day as typical and unnecessarily repetitive? They also do not have to be a stranger.

6) Switching your tendency round. The other thing you could do is mix it up too. If you are a night-owl, try being an early bird for at least a week and vice-versa. If you’re feeling very brave and looking for adventure, give being a night-bird a shot! You could also do a day in and day out strategy. It will look more like this:
Day One-Early Bird
Day Two- Night Owl
Day Three- Night Owl
Day Four- Early Bird

7) Doing what you hate. Why? There is a reason why you hate it, right? If you’re going to understand Big Picture Thinking, then the impact (on the people who matter) will matter more to you. Besides, if your day is going to have a bit of spice added to it, there is definitely no better way.

8) Doing what you are afraid of. I often quote Joyce Meyer who says, “If you’re afraid, do it afraid.” Is it public speaking? Playing an instrument or singing/dancing in front of family, friends, public? Showing someone a deep and heartfelt poem? This is not your small phobia or simple fear of animals. I am talking life-changing activities.

9) Doing something you would not normally do. Go ahead. Start writing, composing, running, working out, painting, drawing, crafting, whatever kind of embroidery, drinking water more often. Do something, especially if you tend to be too lazy to do it. That’s right. Make your bed immediately after getting up. Do a wholesome cleaning of the house at least once a week. Trust me, it has its rewards! It did not start out easy for me too.
10) Understanding that old habits cannot fit into new goals. That is the simple reality of it. If you are going to set goals for anything no matter how small, you may have to prepare yourself to (constantly) change your strategy. Depending on the goal, it might also require a change in habit.
11) Remember to keep some record of the biggest and most special part of your day. Whether that is a photo, in writing, a drawing, an audio note, a small video or anything, do something to keep it special. Certificates and awards are not the only things that should be on our walls. This does not have to be everyday, but if you can do that, great!
12) Decide how big 365 is. For the serious busy-bodies that will feel like a day. For the opposite kind of people, that may feel like a century. It is split into 12 months, 52 weeks, 7 days and 24 hours. Think of it as the start line in the race for the major success in the year you need to reach. How much effort are you willing to put into achieving the huge goal? This goal is essentially broken up into smaller ones you accomplish each day so that by some point in the year, you are done.  
13) Thinking of others first as often as possible. This is not necessarily being selfless but keeping a humble mind and heart by making sure that the, “what’s in it for me,” mentality is reduced. It is about empathy. Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.
14) Learning a new skill. Great way to make the most of the day. Have someone teach you something you know absolutely nothing about from a practical perspective. If you are not handy but know someone who is, pay them a visit very often and practice your heart out as much as you can.
15) Speaking positive in every negative situation. If you are in a fight, go away for a short while, take time to think about all the nice things about the person. List as many as possible then relay them to that person in a thankful manner.
In the end all that matters is your view of life and how you decide you will live it. Make sure each year is approached with a goal to change a certain part of your character. These are the things I noticed can be done year after year after year.

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