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Time Travelling Through Life

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Blast from the Past
Very popular movies like Terminator, Star Trek, About Time, Time Traveler’s Wife, and X-Men Days Of Future Past, all have an interesting curiosity about them. It is not necessarily a case of them being time travel movies but rather the fact that they get you thinking a little bit. Wondering. What would you do if you could go back in time and right your wrongs? It reminds me of when Bruce Wayne In Bruce Almighty chose to correct the problems he had when was given God-powers. Instead of prioritizing the need of others, he focused on himself. My question therefore is, regardless of the kind of past you had, what would you change if you could go back to it? A lot of our present decisions, philosophies and values are formed by various kinds of experiences from the past-whether good or bad. Both myself and others I have heard, often or occasionally say, “If I knew then what I know now,” and what I tend to redirect that thinking to is, “Do whatever it takes to make sure you never say that in the future about now.”

Journey through music
More than any other effect music has on us, I believe the greatest one is the ability to take us back to moments we enjoyed the most. Even pieces you have no idea of, simply trigger that beautiful memory that, in some small way, made a difference for you. I love how couples burst into conversation, laugh and finish each other’s sentences the second “their song” comes up. What I love about these kinds of encounters is that they never need to be distant memories. You may have heard a song last week that caused your moment to be funny, eventful, extraordinary, and unforgettable. Imagine going through a single circumstance, instrumentals, a chorus, last part of a verse,  that lasted less than 5 seconds, but still influences you in a big way today.

NB: Life Presents the Present as a Present to us.

The Gift Of Now
Earlier on the radio today the DJ and his team were asking the nation about why there are jealous family members of their rich family member. They use whatsapp as a communicating platform and some of the people that came through had some good points. Of course a few mentioned the suspicious use of juju to obtain the wealth, whilst others said that it is because of laziness and the feeling of inferiority from the victim’s side. To be honest I believe that feeling is, a lot of the time, self-inflicted. Why are you lazy? I think some people become lazy when they harbour the thought of putting effort into receiving the reward they desire: money. They want the easy way out. The DJ properly and appropriately encouraged and exhorted everyone to be serious, do what you can with what you have, make the most of it. Get up and do something. The future is not a far away country, a distant prize or a lifelong voyage. To many it may feel like it is but very big and successful companies and sports coaches, often emphasize: The Future Is Now. What day are you going to choose to say, “I have made it. I have arrived. I achieved my dream and I am living it.”?

Attracting Your Dream To You
I do know that from a reality perspective some may be thinking, “That’s easier said than done. Given my situation there is no way I can accomplish what I want.” Your life must impact the next generation in one way or another. The small things you can do must not be taken for granted. With each step you take, the more creative you get, the more connections you make, the more doors you open. It really is that simple because it is not complicated, but that difficult because it is not easy. What do you want the future you to say to the current you? What letter are you going to write to your future self? Your future self is counting on you! Do not disappoint them. Think about how much it would suck if your future self wanted so badly to be something, but you were too afraid to do something to get there. The good news though is your future self is an understanding person, even you are personally not, because they know that even though you are not where you wanted to be, at least you are not where you used to be.

Acting Patiently
The process of bringing the future to the present is the same as writing an exam. After you work, you have to wait for your results. You do not (generally) get paid after working through the day. Neither can any plant grow after you planted the seed. Depending on your performance in the exam the results will reflect that. The proportion of effort, time and preparation you put into the exam is the same degree you get in your results. If you do not like where you are now, think about what you have done, how much effort and time you put into it, and how long you (habitually) chose to wait for the results?

The Age Gap
Recently my little brother spoke to my dad about the differences between the way life is lived today and the way it was lived in his day. He went on to describe how smooth and easy things were back then. When I think about it now, the Industrial Age did actually make life better than the Information Age to some extent. For one, it took two weeks for letters to be delivered to people. If it was being delivered overseas it took around two months, so government leaders would have to wait six months for a reply to be at their doorstep. If you wanted to call someone you had to either be at home, the office or a public payphone. The catch obviously was that you had to know the schedule of the recipient, especially if you were trying to reach them at home. Most entertaining thing? Yoyo, at least from what he recalls. Apparently if you learned how to walk the dog you were the equivalent of the popular kid in high school.

In a very literal sense, “Patience was the order of the day.” Ironically that is one of my personal favourite sayings for this day and age. It comes alongside, “Everything comes down to desire.” Not to mention the typewriter for documents instead of using Microsoft Word! Now our parents and grandparents, uncles, aunts and great uncles and aunts, have to (continue to) succumb to things happening in the blink of an eye. You just have to wait a few seconds or minutes for the microwave to warm your food instead of building a fire or using the stove and waiting a little longer. They have to transition from snail mail to email, sms and chats. Instant replies instead of waiting a few weeks or months. Having to type in cell phones, both feature and smart, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phablets, as opposed to pieces of paper. It is no wonder they have difficulty operating some of these gadgets that we Information Age people take for granted! I am more than certain it is the reason they regress so much. I used to hate having to hear, “Back in our days, “When we were growing up,” and the cherry on top, “You guys have it easy, ” but now it kind of stirs a curiosity for me. For the record I was born in the latter part of the Industrial Age so I am not too big a stranger to it. I understand both worlds quite well.

The best thing the Industrial Age did was provide jobs. If your father was a baker, you would automatically become a baker and your pension and benefits were taken care of by the government. This is where the, “Go to school, get good grades and a safe, secure job, ” mentally was born. Unfortunately it got carried over to the Information Age where creating jobs is the idea, especially from primary school age. Teaching children how to bake, draw or make jewellery and sell their product, be designers or investors, is supposed to be the norm, but the Industrial Age mentality holds them back:

Son: I want to be a soccer star
Dad: Will that put food on your table? What if it doesn’t work out, then what?

Daughter: I want to be a dancer?
Mom: Are you going to be dancing your whole life? How will you put a roof over your head with that?

The Switch
Bless their hearts. The transition is very difficult for a lot of Industrial Age people. I have seen very few of my extended family members and my friends’ families make a smooth one as though they have always lived in the Information Age. The sad reality is that things will not go back to the way they used to be. That is what introduces the greatest challenge for Information Age children living with Industrial Age parents. Two lifetimes existing in and as one. The only way to cross the present to create a bright future is to stop living in the past.


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