Celebrating Celebrations

Proverbs 15:15

All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances]

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The Fabrication Of Created Memories

Walks, rides, swims, drives, stargazing-reminiscing on what once was while hoping that what is, does not become so. Sure enough one may not always get the chance to capture the moment or remember to do so should the opportunity arise. What then is the point of rituals (repetitive practice of a certain activity), customs and traditions? Why do we take note of them? I am not belittling or downplaying phenomenal events like Easter, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, however, I am pointing out how interesting it is we equate small annual celebrations of our own to ones as big as these. Recently I was awarded and reminded that this is my third year blogging on WordPress. Admittedly, just as others in my position have stated, I have not always been faithful enough to receive such recognition. A very crucial reason why I accept it with immense gratitude, though, is because of the time and effort taken to conceive, compile, compose, compress and create each post which, to me, is masterpiece after masterpiece.

Collecting The Memories Thoughtfully
Continuing with my thought about the purpose of celebrating, for example, one month relationship anniversaries, the same with sustenance and maintenance of jobs, among other things, I wanted to see if there was any point in taking so much time and paying so much attention to the memories that are desired to be made, when first they have not been planned for. Of course selfies every now then help but what about the bigger picture? What about the story? They say a picture paints a thousands words, so what is it that drives us to take great note of specific days in the year and regarding them with such high value? Could it be that we create some of them ourselves? I have heard of “Make Your Bed Day,” and “Stupid Questions Day.” Of course there are some celebrations or dedications that bear enormous importance. We cannot discount the month we are currently in, being “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” Aside from the obvious ones like “Thanksgiving” and “Valentines Day,” I want to focus your attention on selective memories.

How Do You Know What Is Right?
Now from a professional photographer’s perspective, perceiving the precise point required for the photo to be as perfect as possible is insurmountable. With that said, taking as many photos as possible from as many different angles is the key idea. Now for some of the normal folk who have not gone through training will simply take as many photos as they can, more so as a desperate attempt to seize the hour and ensure that not one second of the experience is lost. Only problem? When hundreds or maybe thousands of photos have been taken, how do you decided which ones are important? Can you make that decision right at the spur of the moment? Imagine how amazing your photos will look when you know exactly what to take, when and how.

Same thing in this case. For me, because every post is a masterpiece, or at the very least, one that is a piece carefully positioned for the outcome to be more than special, I celebrate each and every one. As I said before, the time taken to craft them is what makes the reward of publishing them so thrilling. Those are my small celebrations. Each day then becomes, “Blog Post Day, ” or if I did it weekly, “Blog Post Week.” Very small but very significant. Ask yourself what moves, motivates and compels you to catch the memories you want to create. Ask yourself what about them are the most important and how you are going to tell a story. What part of your or someone else’s life does it represent? I believe dedications and celebrations bear more meaning when some sort of aim is in place. Even spontaneous ones become that much more awe-inspiring.


  1. Great post Tari….
    I am reading and commenting on this which means something! I know you know. haha…..
    I enjoyed your post dude….and i will agree, celebrations are important.


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