The  Counter-Intuitive Aspects Of Life

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The most incomprehensible thing about the world, is that it is comprehensible- Albert Einstein

Waiting to develop courage is just another form of procrastination. We must take action while we’re afraid.

Reorganizing the paradoxical and oxymoronic

I have been going through the most awkward of experiences in the recent years. They are not so easy to describe. They also come as often as the moon does to the earth and as the cumulonimbus cloud makes its appearance amongst the others. In the recent weeks such experiences have caused me to bring to mind things in life that appear to be normal and common sense calculable but, in essence, turn out to be contrary to what one would perceive to be believable and yet makes itself true in every sense. Cryptic at this point may be a word you are inclined to connect with concerning what I have said thus far.

In case that is so, part of the experiences have to do with the regularly unnecessary lectures my dad and a few of my workmates and friends would give me on philosophical and existential matters. Some are sound and others are to me, as loud as an empty room. Either way their very presence makes me less obligated to follow through with them because I feel they are motivated by frustration rather than love.

One example is when I am asked to do something for someone, I do it even when I really do not want to or feel like it. That’s something I have a huge problem with, however slowly but surely, I am developing the courage and self-respect to not do things at my expense if I see that it is not worth it. When I do the deed, at later times, when I ask the same person to do something for me, they refuse, give an excuse, justify themselves with a logical explanation or insult my abilities to act on my request. The thing that is exasperating is that Acts of Service is my love language so it does feel like an arrow pierced deep inside when I have to face an argument or denial.

Even when I successfully fulfil the task it still feels like a failure because I would not have wanted to do it in the first place. It’s counterproductive because I do what does not make me feel loved and indirectly accept refusal for what does! That is an example of the negative sides of the counter- intuitive parts of life. I then get lectured on working together with others and teamwork-based pieces of advice.

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Thoughts on things that seem upside down but should be or are downside up

a) someone who does you a favour after you hurt them emotionally, physically or occupationally. b) putting on a vest/spaghetti-top with shorts and slippers on a cold, windy overcast day. c) receiving a “yes” when you expected a “no”

d) teaching youth to obey authority even when they (authority figures-principally) don’t do what they are asking of you.

e) making an offensive statement (intentionally) about religion, race, politics, equality, sex or any other (seemingly taboo) topic, and not being heard or being misunderstood when you qualify yourself (justify why you made the statement).

f) when you comment and most of your assertion is rearranged to mean either something other than what you (actually) intended by it or opposes it altogether.

g) when an unbeliever fulfils the fruit of the Spirit better than a Christian

h) when an employee still works as hard as they can for their boss despite being ill-treated, shamed, embarrassed and possibly exploited.

i) when a wife still chooses to accept and love her husband regardless of the disrespect and dishonour being dealt to both her and the children.

j) figuring out whether accepting that someone else is right is the same as admitting that you are wrong.

k) when you give without expecting anything in return

l) when you choose to love even when it hurts and sometimes to the point it hurts

m) when you take a risk knowing that under normal circumstances it is the last thing you will do

n) when someone’s life has taken an unexpected turn and that has heavily impacted your life when you only (and initially) thought it would affect them.

0) when something doesn’t make sense but makes a perfect sense of everything else around you, especially when someone does it.


Think about the things you go through in your day-to-day life and see whether or not some of the things I’ve mentioned, or other things that come to mind, happen either to you or someone else.  Everything I have listed is there as food for thought. If you have any more things to add to the list, please feel free.

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