13 Reasons To Start (Or Keep On) Writing

You may either discover something amazing or not succeed in any way, regardless, the only way to know is to try.”

Credit to http://www.livinginyellow.com

You need to write because:
You have something to say, whether you know it or not.
2) You may change someone’s life, even your own.
3) You will almost undoubtedly and inevitably learn something new.
4) You make yourself available for God to use.
5) You could grab the attention of a prominent person that could help you in the future.
6) You might say something you feel is shallow but turn out to be really deep.
7) You will surprise yourself and every now and then, amaze others in and out of your sphere of influence, and that will make you feel good.
8) It is a lot of fun, even or especially when it is hard.
9) You bring out the creative you.
10) It has therapeutic effects.
11) You will have proof that you actually learned something in life.
12) Experiences, lessons learned, relationships and adventures taken can be remembered.
13) You will either enjoy it or learn to with more and more practice.

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