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Short Film Competition

Courtesy of blogs.indiewire.com

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I have been busy interning at the media training and productions institute I learned at. It is a lot of fun and a lot of work too! Sadly I have not been able to update my posts and get back into writing for while because of that, but, I will be writing everyday and posting what I write as soon as I get the chance.!

During my internship I shoot and edit classes for our training department and help with various interviews with clients on the production side. Recently my friend participated in a short film competition held in Nigeria. His short film is called, Jayson’s Hope. I had the honour of being involved in the making of the film as the guy in charge of sound. Please look for my name in the credits (Tarisai Mzwimbi if you didn’t know)You can see the movie right here:

It did so well that it placed among the top 10 finalists. All that needs to happen is rack in as many votes as possible.My request is that you do please support by voting for the film. It is video 10.

vote now

You can vote with both your Youtube account and Gmail. Please help us place among the top 3 at least if we don’t win. Remember to notify as  many people as possible on your  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Youtube, Google +, Reddit, Tumblr, Blogger accounts and a few others I have not mentioned. If you are able to email your family and friends too, that encouragement is truly admired. Your support is greatly appreciated. Here is where you can vote:



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