Life is a story: What is yours?

Life is a movie

At least that’s true for me. Everyone is a character. Everyone’s lives have plot and most people have a dream they want to accomplish. On the way there are setbacks that, not necessarily prevent, but slow down the progress they make towards achieving it. Some times that helps because there can be lessons learned and character growth that may impact the approach towards making it.

People like to say that Life is a Journey and that you should Enjoy the Ride and in some ways that’s true. Here are some reasons why I believe life is a story:

1) When things go wrong, finding out the reason requirers telling a story
2) When things go right, finding out the reason requires telling a story
3) When one is getting to know someone, more often than not, a story is the motivator.
4) When you ask how a couple met, you want find out the story
5) When someone wants to know how you got a job or promotion that took them 5 times as long to get, they want to know the story.
6) When a person wants to know how the guy who is the social outcast gets the girl who is the social queen, an interesting story might unfold.
7) When the wife catches the husband dealing fraudulently, is behind in bill payments, cheating or gambling, the explanation is the story.
8) When a guy won’t stop pursuing a girl, job or career the reason to that is a good story.

You can add plenty more things to this list. Favourite holidays, places traveled, important and famous people met, exotic resorts, restaurants visited, foods tasted and eaten, romantic spots visited with partner, records made in various sports or social activities and on and on it goes.

I remember playing a video a game and the protagonist says, “This is my story. It may be our last chance.” I know. That brings up questions, and the answer: Story. The protagonists helper, who has his own story within his story tells another character who is quite mischievous, “This is MY story, and you’re not part of it.

Strong words but very true for someone who knows the exact people he needs to surround himself with in order to achieve his dream. Think about your life. Think about your journey. Think about your story.

Whether your story has:
1) A good beginning and a bad ending
2 A bad beginning and a good ending
3) A good beginning and a good ending
4) A bad beginning and bad ending

You still have a huge part to play in how the rest of your story will develop. Each ending I mentioned above is nothing more than the end of a chapter. How will you begin the next one? How do you want it to end?

God made man because he loves stories. —Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlev (as quoted by Steve Sanfield)

If you keep telling the same sad small story, you will keep living the same sad small life. —Jean Houston

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What is your dream, ambition, goal, aspiration?


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