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Life Lessons Someone Lived By

Being there is the best way to help someone out
It’s not the value of the gift but the thought that counts
What you learn from your mistakes is what really matters
Learning from someone else’s is a very vital factor
Knowledge is not power but what is done with it
The world is too big for the sky to be the limit
Simply be yourself because someone else is taken
Jesus gives rest for the burdened and heavy laden
Every word you speak is a seed sown
Seek first the interest of others, then your own
Common sense is not common to the senseless
Life is too short to be serious and restless
Life is too long for you to make nothing of it
Grow in wisdom in order to prolong it
Want” and “Need,” don’t confuse the two
Wanting what you need is all you need to do
Women are too valuable to be disrespected
Sex is a treasure that must be protected
The children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow
Create the righteous path necessary for them to follow


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