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From Good Friday To War On Saturday

It’s interesting to see how Easter either lands on a pagan holiday or actually is one! All I know is that the reason why it ends up getting taken so lightly is because many Christians probably do not really value the events that took place at this time in history. They understand it, but the question is, do they treasure it?

Jesus descended to Hell and broke the chains that bound us and publicly humiliated the enemy so that his defeat would be permanently established!

In this way, he disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross Colossians 2:15

He went to battle and having slain all that was in His way, He emerged victorious! To me this is what Easter is all about. We cannot forget this vitally important segment of the death if we are to understand the profound impact of the resurrection!

The significant thing about Calvary with reference to the kingdom of darkness was that Jesus lived and died under Satan’s dominion and conquered him, something that Adam was supposed to do in the first place. Having conquered Satan, Jesus took back from him the keys of death and Hell and re-established God’s authority on planet earth. Matthew 28:18Revelation 1:17-18.

As long as we remember that one key aspect about Jesus’ death, then it becomes easier to truly cherish the beauty, magnificence and glory in His resurrection! Let us give praise to our heavenly Father who was loving enough to send His Son to die ( to transfer the sinner’s sin and its inevitable results that humankind could never attain to their perfect holiness and purity through the law given on Mount Sinai), so that we may have life (the transferring of the righteousness of Jesus onto the sinner)!

Something worth thinking about!


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