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The Arrivals parts 41-42: The Bloodlines & The Gatekeepers

This next video is my third favourite one. The second video is my favourite of them all because it challenges you to learn how to think for yourself. While its main focus is on the media and everything you are fed on T.V, I know it can be applied to any situation in life. The key thing is to not take everything at face value. That’s something I have been reiterating and re-emphasizing over and over again.

The 24th video is my second favourite because nearing the end, the challenge again to think for yourself is there and it elaborates a little more.

Now you will see why I love this next one!

I love it when pieces of the puzzle fit well together! You get to see the big picture. This next video might seem like it’s bit heavy and difficult to understand but it’s really not. If you have been seeing this series in numerical order then you’ll have no problem. If you are seeing this for the first time, I suggest seeing video 30 first because the subject discussed in that one is expounded in this one. If you decide to go on anyway, and you find yourself lost, then see that video and come back to this one afterward. It will all makes sense that way:

Hang in there. You’re in the last section. Just 8 more videos left. Remember to continue doing more research on the videos and see where the producers are coming from. This is what they had to say:

Research what was presented, research the link between barbara bush and crowley, between Obama and bush, and between the illuminati bloodlines as a whole, for those answers will help you to understand the big picture.


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