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The Arrivals parts 21-22: What Is Yet To Come & The Satanic Pop Culture

If you have been following this in numerical order then you have come to realize how deep things are out there. You understand why it’s important for you to think for yourself and question the possibility of being misinformed. You may have found ways to readjust your lifestyle so that the number of hours spent on the T.V is extremely limited. The next sections go even deeper and help everyone get even clearer perspective on the world we live in. Congratulations if you have made it this far. Time to reveal more of what has been hidden from us, starting off with:

What is yet to come:

And now you get to see Our Satanic Pop Culture right here:

I read that nowadays it’s not so important what you say but how you say it. I’m referring to today’s music. That 2008 number one song is one I had no idea was sung by a girl! When I heard the lyrics the only thing that came to mind was how so many people just accept whatever is spoken to them through the song. I would feel like saying, “Listen to the lyrics! They don’t communicate a beneficial message,” but of course words like that just enter the one ear and exit the other. I feel sad for anyone and everyone who has fallen into the trap of allowing words like these to pollute their minds:

I kissed a girl and I liked it
Hope my boyfriend don’t mind it 

I’ll be putting together more videos as the days pass. Think about everything you’ve seen and what I’ve said, check the lyrics of huge hits of most of, if not all, the top artists and your favourite and see for yourself what is really going on out there.

Come back for more as I post the videos and keep thinking through them and researching more of interesting things you see in each video.


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