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The Arrivals parts 13-14: Lady in Red & Hollywood

If you have not seen this series from the beginning then please do so because everything makes sense that way. Now this is how I define the lady in red. A brilliant Christian rapper by the name of Timothy Brindle says this about sin, “Sin is like excrement covered in whipped cream.” The key thing to note here is the illusion of a life of pleasure portrayed by the lady in red. The “glamorous” look is the temptation in itself because even if you have no intention of “checking her out” chances are curiosity will be stirred. Now that is her goal! All you have to do is look then wonder and you are caught in her trap with that bait alone. Her presence is not the bait, it is your focus and curiosity that’s the bait. In a sense it’s like you falling into trap you can see right in front you except you are unaware that it’s a trap.

I personally hate with a passion celebrity gossip. I have come to discover that it is also a trap. Nowadays it’s not possible for you to be seeing the lady in red all the time if you don’t live in the States where so many posters, billboards and so on are put up. How then are we tricked into seeing the lady in red? Celebrity gossip! Picking up a magazine (or reading in the Internet or seeing on T.V) and reading the latest stories on a huge topic, relationships, has been the downfall of so many young people for years. The silly thing is that they aspire to be like these stars, see the example they are setting through their failure to maintain a relationship among other things, and they go on ahead and try to be like them. The worst part is there doesn’t have to be a lady in red specifically. She is there all over the place!

I am saddened by the way so many youth to college students fall prey to the hype and excitement of something so tragic and pathetic. How huge was the story of Kim Kardashian spending so much on a wedding only to divorce a month later? My brothers and I researched the length of relationships in the dating program Bachelor and Bachelorette. We discovered how big of a hoax it is! None of the relationships last! Absolutely none. The longest lasted 3 months and you still have people crazy about it. How many ladies in red do you see in that program too? I’m not even going to get started on the teenage series. The most popular kinds of them all.

Let’s talk about Hollywood:

The main thing I want to focus on here is the dream state. What got me thinking was how he talked about you “letting go of your disbeliefs.” It actually reminds me of a time when our youth pastor was speaking and he quotes Madonna’s view of mind control for lack of a better word. He said she mentioned how people are disgusted and completely offended at the display of socially inappropriate activities. Such as a movie or series with gay parts being played. Show it twice and it’ll be disturbing but not revolting. Show it again and it’s appearance won’t matter. Show it yet again and it ends up being accepted.

I thought about that and I noticed how much I loved watching a lot of series. 9/10 of them have the scenes I mentioned above and some portrayal of sex if it’s not the focus. No surprises there, of course sex sells. But the thing I want to point out is that Hollywood is a dream machine. The fake presentation of life without worries and problems and how you can get anything you want. How you have access to opportunities and all sorts of products that you can enjoy to the best of your abilities. It’s all unrealistic. Granted there are extremely few movies that are decent with a realistic message, those don’t come close to the box office.

If there is anything you should remember from this post is this: the lady in red is not just an actual person, whether in movies or posters or products, but is a trap that causes you to create your own bait to follow and eventually fall in the trap. The lady in red is the temptation to desire to be in the dream state. She is in movies, series and most of all celebrity gossip. Here is the scariest part, all it requires to stir up the desire is curiosity.

The next time either you or a friend, family member or anyone else tells you about celebrity gossip, ask yourself as well as them, why they are interested.


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