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Seeing with Open Eyes

If you faint in the day of adversity,
Your strength is small Proverbs 24:10

This post is actually going to be something different
I’m hoping as you read it you open your heart and listen
Every word that you read there in the above image
Was something a friend of mine perceived as their life vision
As we were sitting I was wishing to change this position
It was almost as if they made this their ultimate decision
Even the family did not deposit in them much courage
Add school’s feeding of negative words, malnourished
I began thinking of them falling into a bottomless pit
In their mind thinking, “When will it be the end of this?”
I heard the most painful words, “I hate my life”
Mostly because of those who were trying to be nice
They’d be like that at first next minute, hearts were hard
And that left them simply living a life that was scarred
It reached a point where they thought that not even God
Because of those in church managed to play His part

So I told them only to repeat what I said
Knowing full well that faith without deeds is dead
All I told them was to say, “I live by faith”
Any moment they experience any kind of pain
That way they could open their eyes and actually see
Not who they are now but who they were meant to be
Not matter what they never have to worry or bother
Because they’d have their life connected to their heavenly Father
So that at the right time as evidence showing they’ve made it
Every day they live life knowing they’re courageous!


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