12 Simple Steps to a Simple Life

Keep your heart with all diligence,
For out of it spring the issues of life Proverbs 4:23

1. Keep it simple. It honestly does not get any more clear. Yes, think first before doing things, but don’t overdo it.

2. Slow down. More people are less appreciated, more things are less valued, more life is less lived through rushing. Tom Basson, a man who writes wonderful posts on productivity, gave us 16 Ways to Press Pause & Slow Down. That is something worth reading!

3. Think positive or think the opposite of negative thoughts. Life in our heads is always a constant battle. Thinking positive can be so hard. That thought alone strays you away from increasing the possibility of doing it! It’s a fact, yes, but all you have to do is change it! Create a new fact.

4. Take 15 minute walks 3 times a day. That exercise helps expand your lungs, which means you become healthier. Couple that with a decent amount of vegetables and good volume of water everyday and you are increasing your lifespan one day at a time.

5. Complain less and be more composed. I always love to think about what good complaining does me. If your life genuinely improves and you become more successful through complaining, then by all means!

6. Stop hearings things. Start listening. Part of slowing down means learning, perfecting and eventually mastering the art of listening.

7. See the good in most people, if not everyone. Let yourself and others know that it is very possible to do this.

8. Plan most, if not all, your activities. Then evaluate which ones gave you the most contentment. Plan those more and plan to plan more often! Write that down, don’t just think it!

9. Make entries in your Testimony Book. Don’t have one? Get one or create one. It’s a beautiful way of keeping track of answered prayers, both minor and major.

10. Give yourself a chance. If everyone deserves a chance, why shouldn’t you? Give yourself the chance to love yourself, to love others, to love what you do, to love to give, to live your dreams!

11. Read more, apply it, teach it, repeat. That will obviously take time, but think about the impact it will have on you and others around you!

12. Enjoy, appreciate and love your life. When you think about how much more fortunate you are than others, you really don’t have a right to hate your life. It actually starts off by taking note of and cherishing the small things that happen around you.


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