5 ways to take baby steps in life

It’s better to go somewhere slow than to head nowhere fast”

That is something I love saying a lot. The inspiration for it came from Joyce Meyer’s saying, “I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be” Both of these statements are something I used to make my Facebook status as well.

1) Don’t rush it!
Dr Mike Murdock says, “Anything significant in your life will require uncommon time. When you hurry, you destroy the very thing you are wanting to create.” What tends to happen is that the chances of mistakes being made increases because everything is done in a hurry. Very little activity is done with care and the mind focuses on so many things at once! It’s better to put 100% focus one thing, no matter how seemingly insignificant and get it done, than to put 25% focus on 4 things at once and realize practically nothing is done at the end of the day! I like to ask myself, “How much more can I get done if I just prioritized the right things?”

2) Embrace delayed gratification
In this fast paced Information Age everything is all instant! Instant coffee, just microwave food etc, and those things are important only when used at the right times for the right reasons. The problem comes when we make some of these things part of who we are! What I mean is we take the “instant mindset” and carry it on into our daily lives. Waiting in line at shops, ATM’s, banks, hotel lobbies and even traffic becomes more difficult to do over time.  If we can wait for a meeting and wait for our order to arrive, whether at a restaurant or fast food store, we can wait for the least and most important things in our lives. It’s all about short-term pain for long-term pleasure/gain.

3) Be persistent
Taking things one step at a time means acknowledging that not everything is going to work out as planned. This is why it’s always a good idea to come up with a plan B. Now my plan B involves thinking differently. It’s simply saying, “If the one thing doesn’t work, try something else.” Now the key words are “something else.” Of course trying the same thing a different way might also be good idea, but my emphasis is doing something different altogether. Why? It challenges your mind to be creative. When you’re too busy thinking of ways to be creative, it’s very hard for you to give up!

4) Use failure as a setback, not an option
Failure is not necessarily to be welcomed. No one starts out at anything prepared to fail for it! Who studies for an exam in the hope of failing it? Yet too many people do that with a lot of new things they try out! Couldn’t reach your goal to beat your friend’s best lap? Spoiled a meal trying out a new recipe? Great! Now you know how not to do something. To me, failure is nothing more than an obstacle. The question is, “do I go through it, jump over it, or go round it?”This also applies to things you’re already good at but seem to be losing your touch in. Throughout your journey of discovery and perseverance towards your destination of success or achievement, find ways of getting past the obstacles that may appear along the way.

5) Slow progress is better than no progress
A crucial thing to note here is that slow progress is not the same as no progress! It’s not about perfection, it’s about accomplishment. Cherishing the little things you manage to achieve goes a long way in fulfilling everything. Taking a step forward everyday is better than staying in the same place!


  1. I love what you said here “When you’re too busy thinking of ways to be creative, it’s very hard for you to give up!”. People often give up on their dreams when they don’t have inspiration to think of reasons why not to. You are right on the money with this. I really took number 4 into consideration as well to the extent where It inspired me to write a blog about stumbling blocks and stepping stones. Thanks for your insight. It’s really motivating.


    • Alright Nightshade! Awesome stuff. I love it! You’re breaking into new grounds, new territory, getting into new stuff! Congratulations. Thanks so much for your input.


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