10 ways on how to discover your talents part 2

1) Listen carefully
You want to listen to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers! If someone tells you’re good at something, don’t pass it off! Embrace it. Do so especially if it involves people, like giving good advice or if you’re great at debate or making people laugh. Pay attention to even the smallest and yet very significant things people say about you.

2) You knew as a child
Though it may be a little out of the ordinary, those things that you did as a child-when nothing stopped you and you believed nothing was impossible-play a very significant role in your gifts. You don’t want to despise humble beginnings. If you played with cars a lot, think about whether or not that’s your thing. If you dressed up dolls often, fashion might be it.

3) Is it really hidden?
You may be overlooking some of the things you do all the time. It may not be a case of it being hidden but rather repressed, discounted or ignored. It may be worth testing people at their word when they say, “You’re great at _” Even if they were just teasing, if it’s possible to do, try it out, even just for fun. Who knows? That seemingly silly thing might be worth millions!

4) What comes easy to you?
At times we tend to discredit the easy things and value those things that are difficult. Is it a sport, a practical thing? If something comes easy to you, you might be good at it too. People who are not good at it will pay you for it. Might not want to overlook that!

5) Find your sweet spot
This is related to the last point. Those things that come easy to you are also what people may come to you for help with. Skilled at preparing a certain dish? Whatever is easy for you, always aim at a specific goal and you’re sure to do wonders! Others find it amazing but it comes as naturally to you as breathing! Your true talent will shine when you operate in your sweet spot.

6) Effortless ease
a) What did you ALWAYS dream about doing or becoming? What did you dream about doing when you were a kid? What kind of success in other people´s lives make you the most jealous or uncomfortable with your life when you see it? (even if it´s in a movie, song, book or real life)

b) What one particular thing do you do VERY well with effortless ease? You might not even realize you´re doing it because of how WELL you do it!

c) What is it that you LOVE to do the most? That thing that while you´re doing it, time freezes and hours slip by without you even noticing.

d) Everything around that hidden talent automatically interests you, every conversation spikes your interest.

e) Whenever you are doing or performing this hidden talent, even if you´re unconsciously doing it, you feel happy, at ease, peaceful, secure and comfortable with yourself at that moment, as you’re doing that very thing.

7) Ignite the spark within
This emphasizes part 3 of the last point. What are you passionate about? Are you a people person? If you like hanging out and talking to people get more involved in things that relate to that. Fundraising, volunteering etc. Want to be a mechanic? Learn from someone who already is (or has been) where you want to be. The main idea is to take action and do it!

8) Do you see something?
Haven’t there been times when you’re watching something, whether on TV or in real life, and there are so many things that need correcting? You kind of feel like going, “Duh! Of course you’re supposed to…” or  “Come on! That’s not how it’s done…” You shouldn’t take those moment lightly. The things you see may be the very steps that take you closer into making you who you were born to be.

9) Smiley
When was the last time you did something that made you burst into laughter? Not matter how ridiculous, keep doing that. You may never know what can come out of it.

10) What annoys you?
Not who! Do you hate it when people mistreat animals? Do you get worked up when trees are cut down? Whatever it is, no matter how small, if  it’s well within your means to do something about it, do it!

In order to make the most of your life, here are some general tips that get you to enjoy everyday life. Please see wisdom for living life.

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