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12 ways to begin reading more books

1) Just do it!
The more you talk yourself out of doing something, the harder it gets to do it the next time! The easiest thing to do is not to say anything and just start. As you browse through some books, see if any spark interest and get on it.

2) Read more books similar to the ones you love
Ask yourself, “what is it about the book that captivates you?” then look out for more books just like it.

3) Read more about what you’re passionate about
It may seem similar to the last point but it’s not. If you love everything to do with leadership then get your hands on as many books about it as possible. John C Maxwell is labeled “the leadership guru” so you might want to get your hands on a lot of his books too. Of course you should be diverse with authors and not just read about him, but he is a good start if you’re passionate about the subject.

4) Join book clubs or start one of your own
It may be tough to try to read books by yourself sometimes, but you might be motivated to read with some friends or acquaintances around. Might gain reading comprehension with 100% focus.

5) Schedule yourself to read at the same time as someone else
If you can’t read in the morning, try the afternoon or evening. If someone has managed to remain consistent in reading at 15:00 everyday, try doing that. Even if you’re alone, the advantage is that you’re reading at the exact same time as someone else. In that sense you’re not alone. You might just get through more books that way too.

6) Time yourself
I like to set an hour a day to doing absolutely nothing but reading in one sitting. For it to work it has to be one straight, uninterrupted hour! Lock your door, turn off your phone or at least put it on silent and make sure it doesn’t vibrate. Sign out of all your email providers and put your chat status to busy. Value the books you read as you would anything else.

7) Plan your reading time and respect it
You’ll be developing your life through reading so cherish every second you spend and think about how much better your life is getting because of that. Even if you go overtime and find yourself spending less time doing something else, you can rest on the fact that you’ve gained valuable knowledge. Just think, how many more books could you go through if you really focused 100%?

8) Think about a problem you could address with what you’re reading
Struggling with keeping friends? Or know someone who is? Get a book that talks about that. Not matter how simple the matter, never underestimate the value of an improved life because of learning new things. It’s also a good idea to lend some friends a lot of the books you either, don’t read or have already finished, unless you plan on reading them again.

9) Understand that leaders are readers
You may not find yourself teaching anyone about what you’re reading right now, but somewhere down the line you will.

10) Try getting friends to read different authors on a similar subject
This is something you should do from time to time because it thoroughly tests your knowledge and understanding of the subject. You also get to see it from someone else’s perspective and you could learn more about it in the process. The beauty about this is that you could also get some ideas on how to be writer, or at least improve your writing, in one way or another, if you often love to do it.

11) Set a goal and stick to it
Try having a yearly, monthly and weekly goal. They should also be short, medium and long-term. Even if it’s something like improving reading comprehension or something similar. After all, you can’t hit a target you can’t see!

12) Tell yourself you’re going to enjoy yourself
You owe it to yourself to have at least one portion of the day that you’re going to absolutely love no matter what! Let this be the part of the day that compensates for everything else if you’re having a bad day. That has to be something good about your day. If it’s going to be anything, let it be reading!


3 thoughts on “12 ways to begin reading more books

  1. Following number 2 will be a great trick for getting me to read more. I have a very distinct taste in what books I enjoy most, but will still pick random books to read that I don’t get into as easily and therefore rarely finish reading.

    • Yes that step helps me a lot too. I find that it’s better for me to focus on one thing that I like than to t”ry out” books that are good but not just as good as what I like. Glad I could help. Thanks for your feedback Stephanie.

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