The semi-circle of rhythm

Balance between work and rest
The beauty of this instrument is that it swings from side to side so perfectly. There is not too much momentum pushing too much on either side and there is also no pressure being applied to one side and then released to let it fall back onto the other. It swings smoothly from side to side and that rhythm is maintained throughout.  So it should be with us. If we work like this…

…then we’ll do damage to ourselves not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. We ought to plan how each activity of the day is going to be done, when and for how long. Whilst work is being done there should be no interruptions until it is complete. Phones should be set to voicemail and office doors locked with a “do not disturb” sign. Often times the time taken to entertain interruptions is time lost for work to be done, thus, productivity was delayed for however length in time the interruption was tolerated! Some things seem important but end up bringing the least significance, especially when they’re portrayed as urgent! Proper planning and categorizing of activities that are important and unimportant will help maintain and increase productivity.

If we rest like this…

…for long hours in the day, we’ll get very little to no work done! I know some work so much and so hard they’re thinking this is exactly what they need! Of course resting too much means that our mindset shifts in momentum. Instead of worrying about the numerous activities that need to be done, it changes to either 1)  not taking most of them seriously or 2) becoming more and more lazy to do them.  Nothing’s wrong with taking a break. An occasional one is very necessary. Planning times for rest is as important as planning for work.

In the end
You want to go to work refreshed and ready to take on whatever life has to offer. You also want to come home knowing that you’ll get the necessary amount of rest in order to take on the next day. You want to balance your life between the times you rest and work. For our lives to have good rhythm everyday, we should rest from our work and work from our rest.

Consider the example from the King: Genesis 1:1-2:2.
a) He planned how everything was going to look.
b) He made it happen! Taking action is a key step in productivity
c) He affirmed Himself when He “saw that it was good”

Does your life have rhythm?





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