Relationship Checklist part 3

Alright, the long-awaited post! Now we’ll see the outcome of relationships started in these situations:

1) What if you married your high school friend?
I have heard of some marriages that occurred from a relationship that started right here. I actually have friends whose parents experienced this. The only sad thing nowadays is that it’s rare for anyone to end up married and say, “He/She’s my high school sweetheart.” That sort of thing is seen in tv series. Supposing that things did work out, it would be a grand thing. The second longest relationship. I believe it will be a worthwhile one considering that both parties would know each other very well.

2) What if you married your work-mate?
This idea came from a tv show my family loves seeing. It’s called, Minute to win it. The theme at the time was Office supplies. Now the couple that was competing together were actually employee and boss but it got me thinking, relationships can also arise from those working closely together. Now I can imagine a very good outcome from this. You work together and therefore get to spend a lot of time together, so even if the love is young it can be nurtured at a decent pace. Please share your story if you’ve already or are in the process of  experiencing this.

3) What if you married your boss?
I thought that the idea of being in love with your teacher and also being in love with your boss (no at the same time!) was something that only existed in the movies but I’ve come to realize that it happens in real life too. Well for obvious reasons such as jealousy amongst co-workers-especially if the employee involved is doing exceptionally well and keeps getting rewarded-this may not always work out. I’m just imagining the scenario. There’s a probably a high chance of the employee becoming a teacher’s pet. While it does not always have to be that extreme, I was thinking about how that can affect everyone else. It may depend on how they portray themselves to everyone else. If they’re open and everyone else is cool with it then that’s great.If the boss makes it clear that no one is going to be treated differently too, then yes, the relationship might in fact work out and go a long way.
What do you think?

Last thoughts
I know that at the end of the day it is all about whether or not the couples are able to make the relationship work. Learn to set boundaries and respect each other’s privacy (and also give privacy) then things will work out for the better. I’ve just seen that in the midst of all the work to maintain he relationship, circumstances play a big role in it too. I think the greatest test is figuring out how to be there, especially when that is really difficult. Of course understanding is the only thing that can keep things cool in such a heated moment. If there’s been maturity the whole time then there’s nothing to worry about. If there’s been carelessness, that is, not fulfilling promises, keeping up with or remembering dates and so on, then trust can be hard to build. At the end of the day:

Worthwhile relationships take work

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