Relationship Checklist part 1

Crush: a brief but intense infatuation for someone, esp. someone unattainable or inappropriate.

Infatuation: be inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for 

Like: be fond of, be attached to, have a soft spot for, have a liking for.

Love: feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)

The reason I pointed these out is because often times when people think they’re in love, they’re actually experiencing infatuation. That same confusion applies even when someone has a crush. This guy helps clear the confusion. Listen to what he says:

In case you didn’t get that:

Love v.s. Infatuation

What’s the difference between love and infatuation?
One is misguided temptation and the other is commitment and patience.
It’s amazing,
Happily being together while passion keeps blazing.
Rephrasing the definition of infatuation,
One sits on the side filled with patience hoping to become part of the other’s equation.
Feelings staying strong without a doubt,
It’s over whelming, so you scream and shout,
Feelings are swirling, and feel misunderstood,
Wishing you could show what you feel, wondering if you should and if its good.
Infatuation is no stranger to loving, by the fire cuddling while feelings are left bubbling.
Infatuation catches love catches love on the rebound,
Making sweet sounds while creating smiles out of sad frowns,
And love is a good thing but filled with suffering and may cause one to become sore, the tricky part is, finding someone worth suffering for.

Here is some food for thought:

1) Why do you like this person?
b) Is it reason enough to help get into marriage as well as sustain it?

2) Can you see yourself waking up next to this person, both with rings on your finger, every morning?


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  2. Confusing infatuation and love can really lead to disappointment. Actually, a huge let down. Although both can be good feelings, it’s worth the while to check all the bases to ensure what that emotion truly is.


    • Yes that’s true. Sometimes one can have a passion for someone they’re also deeply attracted to. Have a genuine love for them but almost not be able to control it. I’ll probably talk about the problems of being lovesick in a later post. Thanks for your input!


  3. T- I loved this post and you know what I say? Go for it all wrapped up in one person!!! If you can find that, then you have a love that will last forever 🙂 Like my Mark, lol! Peace, love and blessings, Terri


  4. i love it Tari! I’m just wondering though, do you believe infatuation or a crush can develop into love or is it something that is short lived and just dies a quick death? And do you think you automatically fall in love(love at first sight kinda thing)?


    • looking at the definition a crush is just a brief passion for someone unattainable so it’s one of those things that, usually, eventually die out. It’s not to say they can’t build, it’s just very rare. As for infatuation, I like to nickname it, “fantasy love” because you’ll be daydreaming about the person in front of you.

      I also believe it’s very rare for there to be a sexual attachment to someone upon meeting them. Sure you can admire them but as for immediate intimacy, there’s a reason why it’s something you don’t hear everyday. Even when it does happen, the relationship still needs to be built, and only then will you discover whether or not you “truly” love the person. So because of that factor, you can’t just switch into auto-love mode! Love often expresses itself best in action (1 Cor 13:4-7).


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