3 reasons why you shouldn’t randomly read books

Reading is great. In fact I always like to say, “Leaders are readers.” Just like anything else, though, strategic reading is best. Let me explain:

1)  Information Overload  When you don’t practice “targeted reading” you know a lot of things about a lot of things, but how much real quality info would you have gained?

2) You’ll be wide read but not well read
Instead of reading a book on dating, then another one on investing, and another one on wisdom , it’ll be better for you to focus your attention on a particular subject and build on it. For example read two or three books on investing and compare how the authors either compliment or contradict each other. There will usually be the one side, the other side and your side. Don’t be fooled, even reading needs a plan!

3) Why are you even reading in the first place?
What part of your life needs to be improved? Are you struggling with finances? Then why are you reading a book on mentoring? Even if things are great in your life and you just want to increase in knowledge, that needs to be done strategically. Now you may ask, “What if I come across an amazing book on the shelf and my life could get better?” If it genuinely will get better, go for it! Though 9 times out 10 people find themselves reading books they want but don’t necessarily-and in some cases, actually-need.

At the end of the day it’s about relevance. You may like the book, but is it relevant? Even if it’s not but you still like it, ask yourself, “Is it worth investing so much time and, in some cases money,  if my life is not going to change?” Living a productive life is the most fulfilling way to live. This is how you want to feel after good well planned out reading:

True that you must “Learn one thing about everything and everything about one thing” it just needs to be done strategically! However you choose to read, make sure your life changes for the better!

Anyone with any comment, suggestion, concern or question on the matter? Now if you disagree with some of the points mentioned here, then read this post, benefits of disciplined reading.


    • I think people should know what you think is the right way of doing things. What you offer could be insightful and helpful. What are some of the things you’ve learned about good reading?


  1. I don’t believe there should be rules about reading. For me, reading is fun and I always like to know a little about everything. As it relates to number three, what if (using your example) reading that book about mentoring will help you to assist someone who needs the help and even then allow you to realize what you are really good at? You may never know. At the same time you could read about finances and it doesn’t help because maybe that is not the way you are able to learn about it (that is, by reading).


    • Yes, that is true, and the key element I mentioned in point 3 was, “why are you reading the book?” that would help avoid reading for the sake of it only to later realize that it didn’t help. Good point. Thanks for input.


  2. I really like what you’ve said here. I totally agree with you on so many levels with this. I think that it’s great to thirst for knowledge when you want to know about something specific so it’s a general rule to seek it by targeting books that relate to that specific topic. Also, it’s important to understand that the first book your read isn’t the bible on the topic. It’s always best to read several books on that topic to get varying views and perspectives so that you have a well rounded outlook on the topic.

    I find that in my personal life, I read things that are relevant to me at the time and research on the topic by analyzing different books on that topic. Sometimes in my search I come across books I would never have considered reading and pick them up along the way out of curiosity, so even though targeted reading is good, I also think that picking up books out of curiosity can widen your knowledge base as well because we can also get to a point where we have a narrowminded focus in our reading habits that we don’t consider other possibilities and venture into books we would otherwise have not considered.

    Targeted reading is necessary for research purposes, I think.
    Curious reading is also helpful to enhance our knowledge base and enriches us by allowing us to know that we can still learn something new and new knowledge keeps us thirsting for more. There is a healthy balance to obtaining knowledge.


    • Thank you so much for your excellent input! Even when I’m curious about other books, I get them and then at least get one other book for a decent perspective on the subject, especially if it’s just for fun!


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