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Till we meet again: Chapter 3 Interesting Discovery

“This is my stop” The man said and shook the ladies’ hands, picked up his hat and made his way out. Michal now smiled afterward. Ruby was happy for her but she did wonder about her attitude previously before they embarked on the train. Now Michal treasured her journal but allowed Ruby every now and then to look at it, not because they were close, but rather that for some reason she trusted her. When they returned to their seat Ruby told Michal about some friends of hers. Their stop was next. She began, “Michal, I haven’t told you about Frida and Lee have I?” Confused but answering with no response she allowed Ruby to continue, “Don’t look at me at like that!” She cried, “You’re the one who was having a romantic time with that gentlemen. I wanted to tell you that they’re my neighbours, but we grew to be great friends. I arranged for us to stay with them before registration in Kelton.” With a smile that expressed gratitude, Michal wrote down more in her journal. Ruby was getting agitated at Michal’s silent treatment, however, she calmed herself with the single thought of a possible relationship between her and the man had they been allowed more time together!

The train arrived at Kelton and as they stepped out they took a few minutes to take in the beauty of the city that stood before them.

It really was a lovely place to behold. Taking in the cool and soft air. They were met at that exact moment by Frida. She had French braids and came in a black business casual outfit because she was attending a meeting later that day. “Wow Ruby, you’re looking fab-u-lous. Love the outfit.” Michal had just put the luggage down after they were greeted. Despite enjoying the trip-though that is in part because of the conversation in the train-exhaustion was slowly getting the best of them. Frida was very friendly though she has a tendency to be too forward at times and as a result forget about respecting people’s privacy. Michal finally spoke her mind after the brief introduction, “Seems like you two really missed each other? Which reminds me, you spoke of Lee if I’m not mistaken…” “Oh yes, pardon me” Frida interrupted politely, “He went away on a business trip but will be back later today.”

When they arrived at Frida’s house, she introduced them to her grandmother, the woman they called “Grandma Lorraine”. She was a very modest, often reserved but hospitable woman. She also had a high standards and strongly believed in upholding positive qualities such as honour, loyalty and integrity. They all sat down with tea and pastries and enjoyed their time together. Grandma Lorraine asked, “What have your discoveries been like?” She was well informed by Ruby about Michal’s passion for songwriting and more so for understanding real love. Michal sat up straight, brushed some of the crumbs of her skirt, cleared her throat and commenced, “I have seen all sorts of things throughout the course of my life in terms of desires people have for particular people and/or things. I thought about…” the door swung open just before she was able to continue…


“Wonder who’s here” Lee said as he stepped in, surprised that he wasn’t tired. Frida ran and clanged to him as if she was going to lose him. She was so thrilled to see him, “Hi honey. Everything go well? How come you’re ho e so early? well anyway at least you’re back that’s all that matters. Would you…” Lee put his arms gently on her shoulders and smiled saying, “I’ll tell you all about it soon. I’m just glad to be here and to see you.” Grandma Lorraine was glad to see her son and they all sat down to catch up after exchanging introductions. Grandma Lorraine smoothly managed to return the attention back to Michal. “Please continue” she said. With respect proceeded with her speech, “This became a huge interest for me. I, honestly, do not know what exactly it was that inspired me but I somehow wanted to learn more about real love, I guess because there is something in me that is empty if I can put it that way. It’s not really soul-searching per-se, but a “prized possession” that I know beyond shadow of doubt will satisfy me. I don’t know when, how or where. I just know.”

Grandma Lorraine pulled pieces of paper similar to that of ancient scrolls

She read a section that she remembered very well because it meant a lot to her:
4 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5 or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6 It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7 Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. 

Michal was taken aback. When she thought what the man said, it all made sense. She asked to copy those words down in her journal. She wrote the first few words a song that came to her at that moment. All she managed to write down was:

Love expresses itself best in action











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