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Till we meet again: Chapter 2 (Dialogue)

Ruby expressed her joy and enthusiasm about departing similar to that of a child excited about a birthday party. The summer sun was fair and the breeze was gentle. Michal thought about Chester and realized that everything would be left to him now that she wasn’t going to be around anymore. She cherished every experience with him-both good and bad-and smiled knowing that she could easily share just as many experiences with him, if not more, when she got back. Lightening up the mood Ruby said, “Hey, we’ll make it through this. As long as we have each other…” Michal’s seemingly sad sigh interrupted Ruby’s attempt to begin one of her motivational speeches. Knowing that more often than not, Michal jotted her thoughts, feelings and moods down, she briefly glanced at her journal. There seemed to be a fierce tone with the words she used. It was as if she was assigned a high-class mission that she devoted everything to seeing through to completion.

“Let’s go” Ruby grabbed Michal by the hand and dragged her to her car. The train station was a thirty-minute drive where there would prepare themselves for a two-hour trip to Kelton. On their way to the station Ruby, though at first initially decided not to pry, couldn’t help but wonder why Michal appeared to look sad. With a deep breath held and gently released, she asked, “Is there something wrong?” In response all Michal could do was shake her head, for again, she pondered about her first encounter with the person who would help her come up with the words to her song through ideas and lessons learned both, theoretically and practically, from various life experiences. Having been encouraged somehow by the little that she allowed Ruby to share with her, she now spoke, “Yes, I know. I apologize for my peculiar behaviour just now. Thank you for your patience. I’m just very curios about all that lies ahead. To most people this is nothing more than a simple journey to improve their skills for all sorts of things they may want to venture into. Not for me. It goes way beyond that”.

Ruby shook her head feeling sorry for Michal. She was like a lost child trying to find her way home. It really does not make sense to let your mind wander about an experience you have yet to have. Having an idea about it is one thing, but then thinking about your feelings and reactions in the process is a bit imaginative. For Michal, it seemed she needed a little more than inspiration from Michal. At last they arrived. They saw the conductor all setup and ready to leave! Two seconds were taken to make sure everything was with them. A man ran to intercept them and show hospitality towards them. Their handbags almost flew off their shoulders. Michal nearly lost balance but quickly managed to recover. All out of breath the man shouted five meters away from them, “Excuse me! Ladies with scarfs!” It was the easiest description since they both wore scarfs just for the look. They first ignored him for fear of missing the train. He decided to follow them and since they were boarding the same train-though not necessarily heading to the same destination-it was convenient for him.

They sat down relieved and relaxed. Michal looked for her journal but it was not found anywhere around her. She started getting worried about where it was. She searched frantically for it as if she misplaced a golden watch! People were staring at her thinking all sorts of things about her. Walking at a slightly faster than brisk pace, she bumped to the man from before and fell because she ran backwards. With a smile on his face, he helped her up and showed her the journal, “Looking for this?” She regained her posture and held her chest with her right hand and with a deep sigh answered, “Thank you. Where was it?”

“Outside. I tried to catch up to you on your way here…”
She interrupted with her eyes expanded and eyebrows raised, “If had boarded a train different from yours. Oh my goodness, thank you so much. you don’t know how much this means to me.” He offered her a seat and asked why she arrived so late. With an embarrassed look on her face explained everything about her disposition and  how often times that can get in the way. Going completely off topic he asked, “Ever been in love?” Surprised by the sudden change she was defensive, “Why do you ask?”
“Just curious.  You talked about being focused and goal-oriented. I had the impression that a special someone might have triggered that. Something that was always with you but just needed a little push.”
She was flattered but remained defensive, “Well there have been people responsible for shaping me into the person I am today.” Just then Ruby came in and Michal told him a bit about the relationship she had with her and a lot they had done together. Rubbing his chin, the man complemented her efforts in all that she endured up to this point. In spite of that Michal wanted to find out where his thoughts were headed with his previous statement, “Your question implied that I’ve been in a relationship but I’m not in one anymore. Why did you think that?”
“My question was a general one. I had no intention of trying to uncover a dark past or anything. On the contrary I think the best of everyone. I was both curious and just wanted to start an interesting conversation with a very common subject.”
“Then for your information, I have never been in love before but I have seen aspects of love in various relationships people have with all sorts of  things. I’m just trying to find out from all of that what real love is.”
“Why? If you do that, you’ll be going round in circles and searching forever. Love is something that really can’t be studied and experimented. No one can be in multiple relationships and discover a part of true love from each. In fact that’s impractical and not mature. Neither can anyone analyze it from observing everyone else because everyone experiences it differently. The way I see it, real love comes from a real desire for someone. That desire is genuine. It only thinks the best of the person, cares for them in everything. It’s a desire to know them for who they are and that often starts by accepting them just as they are. The process of knowing takes time and it is the right amount of time invested in them that, step by step, brings you a bit closer to understanding real love.”


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